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Travel-and-Leisure Battery operated TVs have really .e of age since the invention of the LCD screen. Quite a few models are now on the market that will easily slip into your pocket. Even if you’re on the train or catching a bus you can watch your favorite TV shows. Keeping kids entertained on a camping trip while the sun is up is easy but can be a little bit more of a challenge when the sun goes down. Not so when you have a battery operated TV. With a cup of hot chocalate your children will soon drift off to sleep watching a favorite television show. If you regularly go places where there might be no reception a portable battery operated TV DVD player is the way to go. Some of these models will have an SD card slot and will play Divx movies so you won’t need to carry a whole bunch of DVD’s with you. There is a lot of software available which makes it easy to convert a full DVD movie into a Divx playable file. Just remember to take a few movies that you will enjoy as well. Try to use the unit you are considering before you finally purchase. Most stores will have demonstration units that you can review. Some cheaper LCD screens demonstrate what is know as motion blur. This happens when fast moving pictures cause the screen to blur. More expensive models will keep this phenomenon down to a minimum or eliminate it all together. Also take note of the viewing angle. Viewing angle is the maximum angle you can view the TV from and still get a good picture. Smaller more portable models will usually only be viewed by one person at a time so viewing angle is not as crucial. Larger models that 2 or more people are going to be watching will need a fairly decent viewing angle.LCD screens that are 7 inch screens are the most heavily manufactured. With a high resolution and brightness you can get quite a good quality picture on these models Look for one with as bright a screen as possible for when you’re outdoors or in a brightly lit area. Higher resolution pictures will also give you the most viewing pleasure. How long the batteries last between changing or charging si yet another consideration you might want to factor into your decision making. Battery operated TVs that run on standard batteries may not .e with a battery charger so you may need to purchase one of those as well. Getting a 12 volt charger so you can recharge in the car is also another handy feature you may want. In times of emergency it’s .forting to know that technology can .e to our aid and help us get through a natural disaster such as a hurricane, tornado or earthquake. Now, with the miniaturisation of battery operated TVs it’s possible to include one in your emergency kit along with your portable radio. National emergency information is also broadcast over TV these days so make sure you can receive it with a battery operated TV. Make sure you get a model that runs on disposable batteries. It’s no good having one that runs on lithium when the battery goes flat and you have no mains power to recharge it. You can now even take a portable satellite receiver system with you when you’re out camping or travelling. The PocketDish is one such system you can take with you but it’s not an actual receiver. You simply record your favorite shows on the device before you leave and enjoy them at your leisure. It can store just about every other media as well such as photos, music and even plays games. DirecTV’s SATGo is an amazing piece of technology as it’s actually a portable satellite television you can take anywhere. With a 17" screen it’s not carry in your pocket portable but .es in it’s own fold up carry case that is easily carried in the car. This makes it convenient to take on your camping trips, down to the beach or in the back of the car at your next tailgate party. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: