Shenhua Feng Ba foot discomfort training in the absence of warm-up consecutive missed opportunity-nibbuns

Shenhua Feng Ba foot discomfort warm-up training in the absence of continuous miss Martins (map) morning news reporter Gan Hui 2016 Super League fighting, Shenhua team against Henan Jianye home court tomorrow. Yesterday morning at 10:30, the Shenhua team for training in Cambridge base. The concern is that in the Ba after the injury to support the offensive team and scored great Martins, did not appear on the training ground. Before the start of training, reporters in the base to see Martins, he was wearing a pair of slippers, walked into the locker room floor shenhua. However, the end of the team internal meeting at 11:15 or so out of the Shenhua building, to the stadium for training, the team is not the shadow of Martins. Under the reporter’s inquiry, Martins feel uncomfortable feet, the team agreed not to participate in training. The day before yesterday, Shenhua team and reserve a field within the team competition. In the game, Martins won a number of opportunities, of which there is one almost mianduikongmen, but the final ball hit the high Sheng Jiong’s shoulder. For miss Martins is very depressed, kicking billboard on the sidelines. Yesterday before the start of training, MANSANO convened a team held a meeting 45 minutes long, summed up the day before the competition team gains and losses, and make some arrangement for Sunday and Henan Jianye game. Speaking at the final stage of the upcoming game, goalkeeper Li Shuai expressed the hope that the impact of better ranking, "every game is important, and there are 4 games, we hope to be able to determine the early AFC Champions League qualifications, and we leave second Jiangsu 5 points, also hope to be able to achieve better results." Li Shuai also said, the League played the final stage, I think we have no problem. In addition, through the rest of this period, we recover a lot of injuries, this is a good news." Defender Jin Jixi also said the team will go all out to play the game, "AFC Champions League promotion is very important for us, we are also aware of this, we will have a good kick, and strive to play the game." In the past the League intermittent period, Jin Jixi did not rest, he went on behalf of the South Korean team participated in the world cup 12 finals game, two games are played 90 minutes. Speaking of his physical condition, Jin Jixi said: "played two games, the body a little tired, but the other no problem, just need to adjust the time difference." The club is also very concerned about the situation of Jin Jixi, special arrangements for the doctor, Jin Jixi massage service for any. These two days, around the Shenhua biggest news is the earlier media published on the national team coach rumors mansano. About this, Li Shuai said: "happy for him, if he goes to the national team, for him, is a testament to our team. He is a good coach, our Shenhua is successful."相关的主题文章: