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Shanghai petroleum and natural gas trading center officially running   energy market reform of China’s power towards depth – energy – national oil and gas stock trading platform – Shanghai petroleum and natural gas trading center 26 officially put into operation, marking the reform of China’s energy market towards the depth. Director of the national development and Reform Commission Xu Shaoshi in the formal operation of the press conference said, the construction of Shanghai petroleum and natural gas trading center, an important achievement is the oil price reform, and is an important support for deepening the reform. Since the trial operation of the trading center, it has played an important role in the convergence of supply and demand sides and the formation of a reasonable market price. Shanghai petroleum and natural gas trading center in July 2015 put into trial operation, with the market this year is expected to gradually expand the scale of natural gas unilateral trading volume exceeded 15 billion cubic meters, accounting for about 8% of the total natural gas consumption. Shanghai mayor Yang Xiong said, Shanghai’s oil and natural gas trading center officially running, is an important measure to accelerate the country’s energy industry market reform, help to enhance the international influence of the Shanghai energy market, to speed up the "four centers" in Shanghai and the construction of free trade zone, has a very important significance. At present, China’s energy consumption pattern is undergoing profound changes. As a clean and efficient energy, the proportion of natural gas in China’s primary energy structure has been continuously improved. Experts in the industry, trading center officially running helps to accelerate the reform of China’s natural gas price pace through the market open and transparent trading platform, found the real price, smooth circulation, promote the rational allocation of resources. Chinese Petroleum Corporation chairman Wang Yilin said that the trading center as a fair and open trading platform, can reflect the characteristics of seasonal and regional of China’s consumption of natural gas, natural gas was discovered the true market value, through market-oriented means to solve the contradiction between supply and demand, stabilize the market supply. The future of China’s oil will gradually expand the amount of on-line trading, to support the trading center as soon as possible to carry out natural gas futures business. "Building a fair, just, open and standard oil and gas trading center in China is the need to promote the reform of the oil and gas market." China Petrochemical Corp chairman Wang Yupu said, with the full support of the trading center of the work carried out, to achieve and exceed the complete online gas trading tasks, make efforts for the smooth operation and effective development of trading center. Chinese CNOOC chairman Yang Hua introduction, the trading center during the test run, China CNOOC 2015 total 2 billion 30 million cubic meters of natural gas on-line trading, over the completion of the agreed transaction index of special shareholders. As of October 31st this year, CNOOC has been in China trading center turnover of 2 billion 440 million cubic meters of natural gas, will strive to complete the annual trading volume. Energy market reform, is fundamentally to solve the problem of industrial liberalization and market opening." Chinese international economic exchange center deputy researcher Jing Chunmei said in the past, China’s oil and gas industry concentration is high, the price is mainly to the government guidance price, the market price mechanism is to be perfected. The establishment of trading center, will be oil)相关的主题文章: