Shanghai destroyed three no mortgage fraud gang involving more than 30 people involving over vidalia

Shanghai destroyed three "no mortgage fraud gang   involving more than 30 people involving over ten million yuan — Society — Xinhua Shanghai September 12th news (reporter Zhu Hong) Shanghai police recently destroyed three under the banner of" small loan company "under the guise of suspected fraud, extortion criminal gangs and arrested 30 suspects a preliminary investigation, involving funds reached more than 1000 yuan. Police investigation found that since 2014, Zhang, Hwang and Zhu led the three criminal gangs, foreign to unsecured loans as bait to lure the victim to its borrowing. Period, the criminal gangs trick the victim into the subject matter of the loan amount is the real amount and the amount of virtual high two Yin and Yang loan agreement. For example, the victim off an actual loan 60 thousand yuan, but was required to enter into the 60 thousand yuan and 170 thousand yuan two false contract during the suspect excuse "to prevent borrowers unable to repay the loan, a request to close the signed blank Housing lease agreement. Criminal gangs use Hong Shanghai real estate brokerage firms and real estate intermediary network key violations will be the victim of real estate net signed, "freeze" the victim’s property, in order to further threaten each other. Criminal gangs also accept false high amount to trick the victim transfer, the formation of the flow of funds, forcing the victim to unrealistically high amount issued a receipt, and the formation of false evidence against the criminal gangs Dunning arrears. After the criminal gangs by various means of human caused the victim to the victim by default, housing net signed frozen blackmail, gathered the other members of the gang to take "open the door, blocking the keyhole, verbal threats and other means, forced the victim to repay the loan amount of false contract. It is reported that three criminal gangs collude in knowing the victim is unable to repay the loan situation artificially high, the victim "sold" to other gangs, forcing the victim to borrow new old, further pulled the victim’s debt to "snowballing" "account" mode, illegal access to more property. September 9th morning, Shanghai police deployed more than 200 police officers in Shanghai, focused on the net in Jiading, Baoshan and other 7 districts, three criminal gangs and the people of Shanghai Hong Yao a real estate person in charge of more than 30 suspects were arrested, preliminary investigation involving over ten million yuan. The Shanghai police took the lead in the investigation of such cases, provides an example for future combat similar crimes. At present, the suspect has been jingfangxingju, the case is under further investigation. (commissioning editor Wang Zhengqi and Xiao Hong)相关的主题文章: