Shandong Heze to ensure precise poverty by the end of the year after a total of 938 thousand people plustek

Shandong Heze to ensure precise poverty by the end of the year after 938 thousand people out of poverty in September – the new network, a busy scene generation Hall of administrative villages in Juancheng County of Heze city in the field, but this morning with the villagers Zhang Junying relationship is not large, 8:30, the old man as usual across a road to the next village, accurate poverty alleviation employment workshop to make, wig hair products factory, one day down, can earn more than and 20 dollars. Zhang Junying is one of the 938 thousand poor people in Heze. As one of the most important tasks of poverty alleviation in Shandong City, Heze City, with a case of "precise poverty based on" one village one product "industrial poverty as a fundamental," one post employment "poverty alleviation poverty alleviation as the key, in 2014 and 2015 for two years to achieve 430 thousand poverty reduction, to ensure 2018 at the end of the year, all the poor people out of poverty. The Qilu Evening News reporter Chen Wei when pieceworkers earn 600 yuan month dare to buy egg eat Tang Village Zhang Junying to generation already ironed wig off the stick, they will gather together enough 12 put together with a rubber band, she earned 0.24 yuan of money. Beside her younger women, is putting a wig into pigtail. "My hand is slow, not like young people, almost 20 dollars a day." Zhang Junying every day to work, planning a month can earn about 600 of income, she grinned. For Zhang Junying, the work of the workshop, to some extent, changed her life. Zhang Junying and his wife have been living in the Yellow River District, it has always been considered to be the "poverty" of poor households, while strengthening the embankment to prevent flooding in a certain extent, but the traffic inconvenience caused by the limitation of terrain, industry to garrison, with most of the floodplain of the Yellow River villagers like Zhang Junying, a family of four can only rely on farming and doing odd jobs for a living. The more sandy soil, one year, net income of only 6000 yuan. But like the Zhang Junying family of generations of farmers, farming is still unable to give up the source of life. But this barely enough food and clothing, was suddenly paralyzed his wife broke. In 2010, after the relocation to the village hall, they gave the land to the son of the home. Zhang Junying tried sheep, one day after Zhang Junying was pulled down the sheep, the sheep fell, just give up. 2014 years later, Zhang Junying and his wife lived on subsistence allowances and subsidies for the elderly every month, two people together, only about more than 4 thousand a year. In order to save money, she and her husband are at the door to eat vegetables, son and daughter gave her money, she rarely left, "they have children to support, not rich." But Zhang Junying did not think, she will be illiterate, get a chance to work. In 2015, after a thorough investigation and the publicity, Zhang Junying and his wife were identified as poor households, at the same time, Zhang Jun home idle village, built factories recruit pieceworkers. Zhang Junying village cadres introduced in the past, taking into account the ability of the acceptance of Zhang Junying, gave her the most simple arrangements for the dismantling process. Zhang Junying studied for more than two months and got his first salary. About 600 dollars a month.相关的主题文章: