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Interior-Decorating There was a time when granite and marble floor tiles were the preferred options whenever someone decided to spruce up or redecorate their homes. But with time, there are more options. These options not only suit your needs and budget, they are reasonably easy to maintain and clean as well. A floor tile is not just a square or rectangular piece of clay. It has added aspects like shine, colours, sizes, shades, patterns, and so on, which add an identity to the space it is used to decorate. Let us discuss some different options available to you in floor tiles. Ceramic tiles are weather resistant and waterproof. These are available in beautiful colours and varied patterns. Ceramic floor tiles are also very cost effective. So in case you have a budget constraint to work, within which you must redecorate your home, then this is an ideal option for you. They do not have the disadvantages which come with marble tiles. Marble tiles stain easily and although they look the most elegant, using marble tiles means a heavy investment. Also, marble absorbs water faster than and hence also get stained easily. Cleaning and maintaining marble tiles is not as a task either. When it comes to using tiles on the floor of your kitchen, the best option is granite floor tiles. These are more water resistant than the marble tiles and the darker hues make them easy to maintain. Decorating your floor tile with a border is a nice way to accent the floor. Use magnificent and stark contrasts for the living areas whereas in spaces like the washrooms or bathrooms, you can opt for gray linear borders which are simple. Interlocking rings is also a great pattern which you can use to frame your floor tiles. But while decorating a stark and empty space, you of course have more flexibility since you can experiment with designs and patterns and then invest in coordinated furniture. This is not the case when you decide to change the flooring or renovate just the floor area to blend in with your existing furniture. Experimenting with latest materials as well as designs in floor tiles can be an innovative way to style your home and empty spaces. Installation of designer tiles on the floor or across the walls is not as difficult and time consuming as you perceive it to be. You can outsource this job to professional contractors or even depend on the suppliers from whom you source these tiles. Professional designers recommend that different types of tiles should be used for the different areas around your home. Marble tiles are apt for bedrooms, living areas and similar spaces, whereas travertine is ideal for bathroom floors, terrace areas and even the pool floor. Travertine is a type of floor tile which is extremely weather resistant. Just changing the flooring via a clever use of tiles is any day less time consuming and easy on the pockets, than renovating the entire house. Instead of carpets, floor tiles are more cost effective and easy to maintain. So what are you waiting for? Tile it up and see the difference! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: