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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews You’ve flipped through catalogs, ordered seed-starting supplies and seeds, kept your spirits high and looked forward to a bumper crop in summer. But instead of lively, healthy plants ready to bloom or produce delicious vegetables, all you get is poor germination, lanky seedlings or weak plants. What went wrong? Anything can be grown hydroponically. However, some plants are more space efficient, such as tomatoes, sweet peppers, hot chilies, lettuce, spinach, squash, broccoli, beans, and flowers of all kinds. In Hydroponics, food and water reach directly the roots. This enables the plant to spend more energy growing above the surface, producing more vegetation, larger fruit, flowers and vegetables. believes in sharing the pleasure and satisfaction of growing the best seed varieties chosen by and for gardeners. It has searched far and wide for the highest quality vegetable seeds and herb seeds to offer their customers, and found it in Renee’s Garden Seeds. The varieties were chosen for their great flavor, easy culture and outstanding garden performance. Renee’s vegetable seeds and herbs have the highest germination rates of any seed company that it has tried so far. Renee Shepherd is known as one of the pioneer in the United States to introduce international vegetables, flowers and herbs to home gardeners and gourmet restaurants. She offers you the finest seeds of heirloom and cottage garden flowers, aromatic herbs, and gourmet vegetables from across the world. She founded the Shepherd’s Garden Seeds in 1985, and in 1997 created Renee’s Garden after White Flower Farm purchased Shepherd’s. She has been growing plants from seeds with great success for more than 20 years and urging gardeners across the globe to do the same. Seeds on offer at are Lettuce, "Heirloom Cutting Mix"–a custom blend of delectable antique cutting lettuces. Sage, Italian "Aromatic" from Italy that possess highly aromatic leaves and long, soft purple spikes of bloom. Parsley, Italian "Gigante", an imported heirloom with very large, shiny flat leaves. Tomatoes – Cherry Garden Candy which are color-coded seeds and enables gardeners to grow three premium varieties of mouth-watering gold, red and orange cherry tomatoes from one convenient packet. Some others seeds from Renee’s Garden at are Lettuce, Romaine "Caesar Duo"; Rosemary, French Culinary; Tomato – Italian Pompeii; Basil, "Italian Pesto"; Peppers, Chile, "Southwestern Trio"; Peppers – Suave Mild Habanero; Thyme, French Culinary; Oregano, "True Greek" Renee’s Garden grows only the best seed varieties chosen by gardeners, for gardeners. Generous seed quantities, super-fast germination, and very high germination rate makes Renee’s Vegetable seeds a star performer in the garden. So, why waste time, effort, water and money on inferior quality seed? Choose Renee’s Garden Seeds from .77hydro.. for your dream garden. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: