Security personnel phone bombing woman cheated nearly 670 thousand yuan in Beijing

"Security personnel phone bombing woman cheated nearly 670 thousand yuan – Beijing, Sichuan online news (reporter He Qinhua) in recent days, talking about the experience of being cheated, Ms. Zhang Fujian heave great sighs. In August 20th, doing business in Xichang, she received a strange man on the phone, the person claiming to be the Fujian Putian court "secretary", she said in Tianjin bank credit card, overdraft 10 thousand yuan, suspected of a crime to prosecute her. Subsequently, Ms. Zhang in an elaborate hoax, other people claiming to be the court, police and other public security personnel, to check the money on the grounds, Ms. Zhang has cheated nearly 670 thousand yuan. Currently, Xichang police have accepted the case. Secretary of the court and the police call on the afternoon of August 20th, Ms. Zhang received a tail number of 1789 phone number, attribution of Fujian, Putian. On the phone, a Mandarin speaking man said her identity card number and other information. The other man claiming to be called Chen Jie, Secretary of the Fujian court in Putian, said Ms. Zhang in Tianjin City Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to do a credit card overdraft 10 thousand yuan, suspected of a crime to sue her. "If you don’t want to be sued, you can get the money back before 3:30 p.m.." Ms. Zhang confused, denied that he had done in Tianjin credit card. The other said of Ms. Zhang on the phone, "it may be your information is fraudulent use of someone else, you want the alarm in a location of the Tianjin Public Security Bureau of Dongli." So, the other is also called Ms. Zhang to write down a phone number, and to help transfer. After the transfer, the other man said he was Tianjin Dongli Public Security Bureau police siren Chen Wenliang, 5103xx, "your suspicion of crime, we must take measures to arrest a criminal to you." "You can call 022-114 to see if the phone number is a public security bureau." Ms. Zhang did not wait to verify the authenticity of the phone call, the other began to ask about the credit card information, Ms. Zhang said, the other side is really like a police record, very detailed." In order to facilitate communication, the other side also added Ms. Zhang WeChat, asked about the situation. "Did you come to Tianjin? Whether do you have a credit card? Whether the leakage of identity information?" in the face of Chen officer asked Ms. Zhang empty mind, only repeatedly to Chen officer that he had never been to Tianjin, did not go through the industrial and commercial bank credit card. Because of the nature of the case, it is necessary to check the overdraft money." Phone, Chen officer of Ms. Zhang said, if the capital account review will need a sum of money into their designated bank account, only need to check 10 minutes, then put the money back. Funds on the grounds of being cheated nearly 670 thousand yuan subsequently, Ms. Zhang thought as soon as possible to prove their innocence, then in accordance with the requirements of the other party first transferred a sum of $54 thousand to the other account. However, after the money remitted in the past, the other said they also need to remit a sum of money, then Ms. Zhang only 15 thousand and 100 yuan in the past. The other side of the phone to Ms. Zhang repeatedly stressed that this thing you must be kept confidential, if leaked information on.相关的主题文章: