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School, in the end whether to give children pocket money? The new semester has maternal Sohu over the past two weeks, the child has not used the tone of envy and you mentioned "Qiqi bought a new pencil, Transformers pattern", "Ming Ming said the new spicy taste, I also want to eat? So, in the end whether or not to give children pocket money has gradually become a small problem. If parents send softhearted do not give it, see the children eagerly envy trinkets strange love dearly, nor can not afford. Money is not for children to spend, not to mention the small things, I can not wait to go to the stars to pick him ah, the children happy we are happy ah is not! As for parents to send! Life is good now, who are not bad money, but when I was a child I have suffered. Now how can a child only child! Buy a comic, buy some snacks, and how much to spend, buy love! I really afraid of serious send parents: the child is too young to spend money, what are their concept of money, maybe one day we spent. Like those little things, small snacks, learning can help, I would have to buy a useful. Besides, the total money to spoil the child how to do? Sit and watch the argument above about pocket money, the rabbit is only one word, to! But how to give, give, how much? Specific methods of operation and the reasons may wish to refer to the "three fixed", "the three guide", "know" the "333" principle! YY rabbit original articles. 1, fixed number is fixed amount of pocket money. First of all, according to the economic situation of the family and the overall consumption of a fixed amount of the situation, this amount includes adequate spending and a reasonable amount of flexible spending. For example, every day to buy a bottle of yogurt, it is necessary to add a little bit of money outside the flexibility of yogurt. At the same time, we should pay attention to the number of money is not to be able to represent love, "reasonable" the most important. Secondly, can not see the mood or look at the number of money at hand to give pocket money, do not arbitrarily increase or decrease, can not be deducted because of negligence or money or good performance and money. Here there will always be a misunderstanding, the parents will always say, after dinner bowl extra reward five yuan, or the final exam into the top ten additional bonus of $ten." Encourage children to develop good habits, the pursuit of the original intention is understandable, but the brush is to cultivate a sense of family responsibility, the progress of the examination is to better learn knowledge, everything is linked to money and it is wrong. 2, fixed when the fixed allowance payment time. Parents need to set a fixed cycle allowance. "When it’s over" is unreasonable. Because it did not spend extended periods or spent will shorten the cycle of result is the irrational consumption, a long time will make break the pale. Not in advance not delayed, help children know, develop a reasonable planning spending habits. The specific allowance period recommended before the age of ten once a week, as children grow up period may be appropriately extended. It’s best to be on Sunday night, to prevent the weekend two days off to play out all the money. 3, fixed person is fixed every time to zero money. Each hair.相关的主题文章: