Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque And The Fourth Great

Religion The Fourth Great Revelation Father Claude directed Margaret Mary to write down all that Jesus told her. Although she found this greatly distasteful, not wanting to draw attention to herself, she did so out of obedience. Then she burned all she had written as soon as she was finished. In this way, she thought she had fulfilled the requirements of obedience set down by Father Claude. But when she confessed this, he forbade her to burn her writings. Our Lord came shortly after and revealed to Margaret Mary The Fourth and last Great Revelation. June, 1675, again during the octave of Corpus Christi, the Lord gave Margaret Mary His Fourth and last Great Mandate. It was the Eucharist! Jesus told Margaret Mary that although there are those who love and adore Him, there are those who return His unconditional Love Which vulnerably .es to them in the Eucharist, with coldness and indifference. He went on to say that although there are those who claim they believe He is truly present in the Eucharist, and that His Real Presence .es to us at the time of Consecration during the Mass, they go up to the Altar without having gone to confession, receiving Him while in a state of sin. He cried, there are those who claim that they believe His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity is truly present in the Host reposing in the Tabernacle, and reserved in the Monstrance during Eucharistic Adoration, yet they have no time to go and visit Him. This Revelation called for reparation for sins .mitted against Jesus in His Sacrament of Love. Margaret Mary was before the Blessed Sacrament when the Lord appeared to her, uncovered His Divine Heart and gave her His last Great message. He told her that she could do no better than to return His great love by doing what He asked of her: "Behold this Heart Which so much loved men, that it spared nothing, even to exhausting Itself, in order to give them testimony of Its love, and in return I mostly receive ingratitude, through their irreverence and sacrilege, and through the coldness and scorn that they have for Me in this Sacrament of Love. What causes Me most sorrow is that there are hearts consecrated to Me who treat Me thus. "Therefore, I ask of you that the first Friday after the Octave of Corpus Christi be set apart for a special Feast in honor of My Heart, by receiving .munion that day, and by making solemn reparation and honorable amends to make good the insults that It receives when It is exposed on the Altars. I promise you that My Heart shall deign to shed abundantly the influence of Its Divine Love upon those who rend It this honor and induce others so to honor It."11 Father Claude Colombiere directed Margaret Mary to .ply fully with the Lord’s Will. In addition, his heart was so touched by this Great Revelation, he desired to be the first to do what the Sacred Heart of Jesus mandated. Ten years passed before the Feast of the Sacred Heart would be instituted in the Monastery of the Visitation where the Revelations took place, and this because Father Claude Colombiere had suggested they do so. Those next ten years would be hard ones for Margaret Mary. Mother Saumaise, who had .e to believe and support her, left the Monastery to be.e a Superior at another Monastery. But before she left, she insisted Margaret Mary tell the nuns what the Lord had .manded her to relate to them. Margaret Mary, more dead than alive, reluctantly obeyed. In front of her whole .munity, she shared the punishments that the Lord said He would release upon them and the Monastery. She remained kneeling, humbly in the midst of very angry, rebellious, belligerent, threatening sisters. She later wrote: "If I had been able to gather together all the sufferings, I had experienced until then, and all those I have had since, and if all of them had continued until death, this would not seem .parable to me to what I endured that night!"… "I was dragged from one place to another, with unbelievable humiliations." About the Author: 相关的主题文章: