Rot to a feeling! The mystery novel, the Vatican miracle investigators, determines the animation msvbvm60.dll

Rot to a feeling! Novel "Vatican investigators" to determine the animation miracle in today (November 15th) the sale of company Kadokawa comics magazine "COMIC GENE" magazine published the popular mystery novels "Kadokawa HORROR Library of the Vatican investigation officer" will be a miracle of animation news. The Vatican is a mystery novel of Japanese fiction writer Fujiki created by the novel works of fiction, by the well-known illustrator THORES firewood this book cover, published in December 2007 first volumes, has been published in volume 13. At present, the cumulative turnover has exceeded 950 thousand. The story to survey "took a special investigation around the world legend Vatican miracle in the saint’s seat for the stage, tells the story of belonging to the agency called the" miracle investigation officer "of Japanese American genius scientist and father hiraka · Joseph · Geng and ancient text, code reading experts Robert · Nicholas partner together to solve all kinds of difficult cases happened in the world. For the animation of this work, a lot of fans are said to be looking forward to, the Japanese House commented: "the Vatican wonders of the official investigation," the animation will be what it feels like? Feeling a little unimaginable." "I heard that the" Vatican wonders of the investigation officer "to the animation, the protagonist Ping He is a genius, but the nature of the natural stay Meng, look forward to animation!" "Double male master set of mystery novels? Why is it full of the smell of decay?" Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: