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Regional differences of Chinese wolfberry and with the increase of the Sohu can not believe that today’s living standard, more and more people pay attention to health, and a health Jiapin wolfberry is favored by more and more people, but people for the understanding of wolfberry still in the early stage, for example, the best know Ningxia Zhongning wolfberry, wolfberry is soaked in water for example drink, porridge or soup consumption. But on the current market situation, the regional differences in wolfberry is still credible? There are ancient records, Ningxia wolfberry has more medicinal value, has led in the county, so many people love Ningxia wolfberry production. But the current Chinese wolfberry market confusion, dragons and fishes jumbled together with a large, Ningxia wolfberry market, many other areas through Ningxia into the Chinese wolfberry medlar market, transformed into people rushed to buy the Ningxia wolfberry. On the market a lot of so-called "Ningxia wolfberry" is not like the real source said the simple, wolfberry quality is uneven, and even some unscrupulous businesses in order to make the Chinese wolfberry look bright color, the use of sulfur smoked and dyeing, such Chinese wolfberry is absolutely not edible, is a great harm to the body. After you have a news for some claiming to be from Ningxia, Zhongning wolfberry wolfberry and summer before sold on the market compared to the particle size, degree of satiation, chewing the taste of summer, before the more outstanding quality of some Chinese wolfberry. The source of raw materials in the summer before the summer before the Chinese wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry is slight season before picking the first crop of Chinese wolfberry, Chinese wolfberry particles than other season picking more plump, succulent and less seeds, the taste is more sweet. It can be seen that the Chinese wolfberry of good and bad, can not make a clear distinction between regional differences as the standard, in today’s market situation of Chinese wolfberry, good source material is the hard truth, regional differences can no longer believe wolfberry said.相关的主题文章: