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Qinhuangdao City Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 4 from the violation of the provisions of the typical problems of the Qinhuangdao Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 4 from the violation of the provisions of the eight typical problems

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Washington (Qin Jixuan) to further implement the central spirit of the eight provisions, give full play to the role of warning education negative examples, the 4 cases of violation of the central provisions of the spirit of eight typical problems notified as follows:

Lulong County Office of the illegal use of special vehicles. The investigation, since 2013, Lulong County Civil Air Defense Office often does not belong to the general public transport communications command vehicle for business, the presence of illegal use of special vehicles, deputy director of the Lulong County Urban Construction Bureau, county civil air defense office director Zhou Zhijun this leadership responsibility. The Lulong County Commission for Discipline Inspection, decided to give Zhou Zhijun admonishing conversation handle.

Qinhuangdao City Public Security Bureau of Funing police detention center Wang Libo illegal to send and receive gifts gifts problems. The investigation, December 2015, Wang Libo used his office to accept the families of the suspects to smoke, wine and other gifts, a total value of 1200 yuan. By the Funing District Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee meeting, decided to give Wang Libo party probation for a year.

Beidaihe District village Party branch Li Jianguo River Town Station wearing lavish daughter huimen banquet problem. The investigation, June 13, 2016, Li Jianguo in Beidaihe a hotel for their daughter back to make arrangements for the wedding, a total of 37 tables to do, and receive gifts 39 thousand yuan. By the Beidaihe River town Party committee, decided to give Li Jianguo party warning.

experimental high school public funds domestic tourism problems. The investigation, during the period from 2013 6 to August, City Experimental Middle School senior teacher and teacher organizations, the use of vacation tourism public school leadership team, responsible for Mu Dongbao, as the principal of the school, this primary leadership responsibility. The Municipal Working Committee meeting of educational research, the decision of the school leadership team name to conduct interviews, make review, and give Mu Dongbao admonishing conversation, adjust job processing.

the above 4 problems fully explain some of the party organization to implement the central eight provisions of the spirit is also a lack of tenacity, on the "four winds" invisible variation of new situations and new problems in research and analysis is not enough, the lack of effective countermeasures. Some party members and cadres are still luck, discipline violations phenomenon and problem of inertial thinking, there are still waiting to see. National Day is approaching, Party committees (party) to complete strictly main responsibility on his shoulders, implement, and fully implement the main responsibility strictly. Leading cadres, especially the main person in charge should take the lead in the strict implementation of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight, play an exemplary role. The majority of Party members and cadres want to discipline the bottom line, consciously make a model of discipline, about the rules. Discipline inspection organs at all levels to use "China party accountability regulations" and the practice of supervision and discipline of "four form" together, continue to increase discipline and accountability efforts, early detection and treatment of seedlings.