Property buyers to buy a one-time lump sum 60 yuan in Chengdu real estate aapt.exe

A one-time property buyers bought a real estate Chengdu 60 Suites total billion yuan a one-time property buyers bought in Chengdu a total of 60 suites, total billion yuan source: surging news on September 21st in the afternoon, with a Zhejiang accent man once bought a total of 60 Suites in Chengdu high tech zone. Surging news from the real estate developers in Sichuan, China and Germany Century Real Estate Co., Ltd., the relevant person in charge confirmed the news, the customer to buy 60 sets of real estate price reached $98 million. According to the German real estate marketing director Jiang Chuan introduction, the estate is located in Chengdu hi tech Zone, the current sales price reached 15000 yuan square meters, the main customers for the local improvement and just need consumers. It is reported that afternoon, this property buyers and two lawyers, a total of three people came to the sales offices, and a one-time set. The same day, the property buyers paid a deposit of 60 thousand yuan each, a total of about 60 houses in the deposit of about $3 million 600 thousand. All 1629 will be filled within a week. Although the net transfer of the property buyers for the people of Zhejiang, but according to the real estate marketing manager to surging news that, although the customer with a Zhejiang accent, but the use of identity cards for the Chengdu local identity card. Jiang Chuan said that the purchase of the property buyers just opened last week houses, pick the 110 – 130 square meters of the big house, the source of the 60 Suites accounted for nearly 1/3 of the whole building. Jiang Chuan admitted that since the beginning of March this year, with the property market to cancel the purchase of the policy and credit policy to relax, and the location of Chengdu free trade zone to determine the basic, make the local real estate market has been heating up, some of the real estate investment figure began to appear. To the real estate, for example, since the second half of this year, from 9000 yuan square meters rose to $15000 square meters, or up to 65%, but Jiang Chuan said that such a large-scale purchase is the first time to see. Data released by the National Bureau of statistics data show that in August Chengdu new commercial housing prices rose 0.9%, an increase of 4.8%. According to the Sichuan Daily reported that the recent Chengdu property market collective gains across the board, are now beginning to direct part of the sale price rose 8000 yuan square meters. Only during the Mid Autumn Festival, Chengdu poly achieved sales of 500 million yuan, Chengdu Green won gold 300 million yuan, green building first opened more than and 460 sets of houses sold out, including Chengdu Vanke, Huarun, blue, langki, YOUPIN holdings, Longhu, Shimao, brand developers, confidence, the development of real estate have a "panic buying" and "out of stock" phenomenon. Reported that the south of the city of Chengdu, 80% of the project has been price increases or prepare for the price, which rose more than $2000 after the opening of the project is not a few, and some even rose 5000 yuan square meters. The area of the property market in Chengdu high tech Zone, Tianfu new area, Longquanyi District, Wenjiang District, this year’s turnover rose sharply. From Sichuan Centaline data show that the first week of September, Chengdu city commercial housing supply area of about 280 thousand square meters; urban area of commercial housing turnover of more than 180 thousand square meters; the city commercial housing transactions fold 11607 yuan per square meter. Sichuan daily相关的主题文章: