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Private gallon bio pharmaceutical sector some leading stocks to buy into the interval / reporter Qu Hongyan, editor of Jian Ming reporter recently learned that after the liquor, household appliances and other varieties, the private part of the start of the opening of bio pharmaceutical sector. They believe that the fundamentals of the pharmaceutical industry began to take place significant changes worthy of attention, some of the leading listed companies once again enter the buying range. There are senior private who believe that the reform of the supply side of the pharmaceutical industry has been kicked off, the next two to three years are the strong pattern of strong, backward enterprises will be eliminated, the positive norms of the leading listed companies. Brokerage analysts also believe that, in recent years the policy thinking of the country, its core purpose is drug supply side reform, improve the industry standard to make snap, will gradually eliminate backward production capacity. Private people believe that the recent reform of the pharmaceutical industry supply side into the deep water area. The State Food and Drug Administration recently issued "on the drug production process check work notice" of the draft, the requirements of the production process of pharmaceutical production enterprises each approved since the date of announcement of the drug (Chinese medicine preparation) to carry out self-examination, the work must be completed before October 1, 2016. The draft also shows that since November 1, 2016, the State Food and Drug Administration will organize experts to carry out flight inspection of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Analysts believe that the process of self-examination + flight inspection will have a significant impact on the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, long-term positive leading enterprises in the industry. "The supply side reform of drug will be long-term, leading enterprises mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, and standard time operating enterprises must in the pharmaceutical industry structure optimization, backward production capacity gradually eliminated the benefit." Dongxing securities pharmaceutical industry analyst Yang Ruomu said. In addition, the health of China’s strategic upgrade, the pharmaceutical industry is also expected to usher in a period of rapid development. CITIC Securities believes that the health expenditure in China accounted for the proportion of GDP increased gradually from 4.3% in 2007 to 5.6% in 2014, but taking into account the above developed countries the proportion of 10% and the health industry has become an important pillar industry of national economy "policy, China’s health industry is expected to usher in a new round of government big investment. Analysts believe that with the November will be held in Shanghai in the global health promotion conference, as well as the "health Chinese 2030" construction plan, "13th Five-Year" health and health planning and health care reform plan steadily, "health Chinese" the heat is expected to continue to ferment.相关的主题文章: