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Legal As per the amendments made to the Licensing Act, anyone who sells alcohol, drinks, hot food and other beverages between 11 pm to 5 am must have a premises license. Besides refreshments, some form of entertainment providers, late night pubs, bars, hotels, restaurants, lounges, etc also requires license to carry out their business in a legitimate manner. For those who wish to provide late night entertainment or sell alcohol over a licensed property requires personal license along with the pub licence. This can be movie shows, theater plays, etc. Personal license is valid for ten years and can be renewed only if the license holder is not convicted for any offense. One who acquires both personal as well as premises license is known as designated premises supervisor. He will be held responsible for all the sales activities as well as any misconduct in case it occurs over his premises. In order to get a pub licence, you need to acquire one day NCPLH or APLH course i.e. National Certificate for Personal License Holders. This simple exam enhances your business sales as well as increases the job security. Not only supervisor but all the staff members must obtain this qualification to perform business sales in an authorized way. There are a number of training institutes all across the world offering this one day course. If you dont have ample time to personally visit these places, then there are online training sessions or home study options as well. In todays world, people are really occupied in their busy lives. For them this home study material is a great choice. With this, they can conveniently sit at home and study whenever they get time. After attaining the training course, you need to qualify an exam so as to get the certification. The course entails detailed information about role and responsibility of license holder as well as legal framework of the Licensing Act. Due to changes made by 2003 Licensing Act, there is a rapid increase in demand for premises license. For this reason, there are an immense number of firms that offers consultants or advisers who assist you with the application process. These experts have .prehensive knowledge of law suits and legal proceedings. They oversee the entire process on your behalf so that you can get the license in hassle free and convenient manner. In order to apply for premises license the individuals must be of 18 years or above. Along with the NCPLH training certification, one must have accredited qualification so as to make sure that he is aware of various rules, regulations as well as obligations towards society. Before applying for this license, the applicant has to undergo CRB i.e. Criminal Bureau Check. This is done to ensure that candidate is not convicted for .mitting any crime or misconduct. After attaining this CRB document, you need to apply within a time span of 28 days. All these documents along with the application are finally forwarded to the local licensing authority for processing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: