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"Post antibiotic era" bacterial resistance aggravate expert weapon to curb the "super bacteria" – Beijing, Beijing, Chengdu, October 25, (He Shaoqing) "too many antibiotics we are now facing the problem is not on the market, but too few new antibiotics, overuse of antibiotics lead to bacterial resistance to accelerate drug development, to keep up with." Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of medicine, Jiang Jiandong, 25, said in Chengdu, although bacterial resistance is inevitable, but to curb the abuse of antibiotics, to the extent possible to delay the development of bacterial resistance. Antibiotic resistance is one of the world’s most pressing public health problems in the post antibiotic era. On the same day held in Chengdu "China antibiotics magazine" Tenth editorial board of the seminar, the problem how to curb the overuse of antibiotics and deal with the new antibiotic research and development ability is insufficient, become a hot topic of experts. "Anti infection is the eternal topic of human development, Chinese antibiotic production is in a transition phase, the China Academy of Medical Sciences Institute of pharmaceutical research has begun to develop" the development plan of the post antibiotic era. "." Jiang Jiandong introduction, the abuse of antibiotics in China is not only reflected in the field of medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry is also a serious abuse of antibiotics". Antibiotic drug regulation is not enough and people’s awareness of rational drug use is not high, one of the reasons for the abuse of antibiotics. Reporters in the streets of Chengdu visited some pharmacies found that amoxicillin, roxithromycin, ofloxacin and other antibiotic drugs are prescription drugs, but also can easily be bought without a prescription. Study on China Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou Institute of geochemistry, released in 2015 showed that in 2013 Chinese used a total of 162 thousand tons of antibiotics, accounting for about half of world consumption, more than 50 thousand tons of antibiotics were discharged into the soil environment. "Antibiotics only useful for bacterial and viral cold cold, many people will be useless, antibiotics as cold medicine, we need to strengthen the popularization of knowledge of antibiotics." China Academy of Medical Sciences and Medical Biotechnology Institute, Shao Rongguang suggested that the resistance of the doctor patients to respond to antibiotics were detected, if the patient is resistant to some antibiotics, the cessation of the use of the antibiotics, so as not to stimulate the aggravation of resistance. "The use of antibiotics in excess of Chinese does exist, but it does not talk about" anti discoloration, "after all many bacterial infections still need antibiotic treatment." Antibiotic Industrial Research Institute of Sichuan director Gou Xiaojun pointed out that the patient must follow the doctor’s advice, according to the course of antibiotic drugs, some patients because of remission on self withdrawal, but accelerated the antibiotic resistance of bacteria. In fact, in recent years, China has introduced policies related to the management of antibacterial drugs. 2013 implementation of the clinical application of antimicrobial drugs management approach provides that serious violations of the use of antimicrobial drugs doctors will be revoked certificate. In August 2016, China national health and Family Planning Commission and other 14 departments jointly formulated the "curb bacterial resistance national action plan (2016-2020)", proposed in 2020, China retail pharmacies sell prescription drug proportion reached)相关的主题文章: