Pirates of the Caribbean folk hero or tyrannical Desperado pork face

Pirates of the Caribbean: folk hero or tyrannical Desperado? [Abstract] the pirates have a long history. From the ancient Greece, the Empire of Rome, medieval Europe, China to the Qing Dynasty, there are pirates. Even today, the pirates are still harassing the world’s waterways, cargo ship, container ship, and even a passenger ship. In the eyes of admirers of the golden age of piracy, piracy is full of romantic villain: this group feared rogue to create life, beyond the law and the government, they are liberated from labor work and social bondage, to the pursuit of wealth, pleasure and adventure. Pirates have disappeared from the sea for three centuries, however, the golden age of pirates is still attracting a large number of fans of folk heroes. The most powerful adventure story inside the role also take them as blueprint, like Captain Hooke (Captain Hook) and one foot pirate chief John · Silver (Long John Silver), the captain Brad (Captain Blood) and captain Jack (Jack Sparrow), these amazing role turned into a sword fighting, walking the plank, treasure figure, and a box of gold and silver jewelry. These fascinating stories in the role, through the "treasure island" author Robert · Lewis · Stevenson (Robert Louis Stevenson) and Walter Disney (· Walt Disney) hand, made them known. However, Pirates of the Caribbean real version of the story, even more exciting than those legendary dazy: lost against the tyrant has long been the story of the British Empire, shake the foundation of marine start-up mutiny, forced into the trade across the the Atlantic pause, well lit days after the American Revolution democratic view. The pirate Republic is all this rebellious center, there is a free zone in the authoritarian era. "Pirates of the golden age" for a period of only ten years, from 1715 to 1725, mainly by the formation of a group of twenty or thirty senior pirate captain, as well as thousands of crew leader. Almost all of the captains knew each other, and they served side by side for merchant ships or pirate ships, or at their common base, the Bahamas, a British colonial stronghold. Most of the pirates are English or Irish, but there are a large number of Scottish, French, African, and other nationals, such as Dutch, Danish, Swedish and native american. Although these people have different nationalities, races, religions, and even languages, they still create a common culture. Corsair met at sea, often combined with the power of each other aid, even if one of the crew is French, and the other is the enemy too. They operate in a democratic way of vessels, common vote and ousted their captains, the average distribution and pillage of the property, and make the big choices in a public meeting. All this is in stark contrast to the dictatorship of other ships. In an ordinary seaman without any social security in the Bahamas, the pirates also provide disability benefits for the crew..相关的主题文章: