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The painful lessons from the accident, a few mountain driving tips – Sohu automobile recently a painful accident video widely reproduced, is a car and a car (CART) meet on the narrow mountain road, due to improper disposal, led to the car rollover carts on the spot of the squashed. At that time many people have accused the truck is wrong, but in fact, this can avoid accidents due to improper operation led to both sides of the car crash. Maybe a lot of people had for many years the car does not have a mountain walk, but in the narrow mountain roads, the little advice or suggestions to share with you: 1 let down the mountain no matter when small car carts, narrow road must be let down the mountain mountain, the mountain in the vehicle climbing, and speed is not fast, but also very easy to control their own direction, and the vehicle speed down by the presence of inertia will generally be faster, more difficult to control. Don’t think your car, your car will not yield high! 2 light weight let down let car up the mountain is a great principle, on this basis, but also to do good for the heavy truck, the most simple is whether he is uphill and downhill, and driving an ordinary car must take the initiative to cart, especially in the cart in the downhill condition. Don’t scold the people, work is hard, if not overloaded speeding cases, also be difficult to control more than the car. In the side of the 3 let most of the heretics are mountain cliff, so once in a narrow road crossing, if running on the inside, must as far as possible as to rely on, set aside enough space on the opposite side of the car parked in the middle of the road, do not confound, learn empathy, the opportunity is to give to others your safety. 4 turn to whistle which is prohibited whistle in the quiet city, the horn is according to the time, many people will ask the road turn usually has a convex mirror can be observed, but there are many people do not look, do not even know what is this mirror, so the narrow mountain road once the sharp turn to slow down and advance the whistle signaled at night can remind the flashing beam. 5 reasonable speed regardless of their car car bad, a lot of people young, slightly open a good car to enjoy the fun of drift hack bend in the mountain, yiyanbuge forcibly overtaking, this is very dangerous. Not to say to let turtle speed driving, but to choose reasonable speed according to the present state of the car has always been to speed up in advance to avoid. In short the traffic safety is their own thing to the steering wheel, holding in his hand, don’t expect others to give you. Buy a car car, answer attention WeChat public number: my car on a small series have been lined up, waiting for you!相关的主题文章: