Domestic Porsche SR9 to sell 120 thousand, there are many Thai artillery fire hit – Sohu 捷安特xtc750

Homebred Porsche SR9 to sell 120 thousand, Zotye how many fire auto – Sohu if any car prices brought to the national car dream, it is my Thai people. Prior to the domestic Audi Q3, said the SR7 has hot listed hot sales, and now to a Thai version of the Porsche. Thailand’s new SUV SR9 has been a public appearance, the biggest feature of the new car is the appearance of the interior imitate the Porsche Macan, such a model and let people began to cheer. Now the domestic media reports: Zotye SR9 in October 26th is today officially announced the sale price, the new car will offer 9 models for consumers to choose, or the price is 120 thousand yuan, and may even be lower. The Thai version of "Macan SR9" length and breadth were 47441929 1647mm, the wheelbase is 2850mm, the wheelbase has reached the medium size of the SUV, the overall shape of the movement, grille with mouth style headlights shape domineering personality. The rear of the sleek new car design, the overall style similar to the Porsche Macan. The interior, Zotye SR9 console as a whole with the plastic and leather coating process, a modified double stitching stitching, to enhance the sense of quality a lot. The new car is equipped with a leather wrapped three spoke multifunction steering wheel, the console is equipped with a 9 inch LCD screen control. Power, the Thai SR9 equipped with 2.0T turbocharged engine, the maximum output power of 190 horsepower 5500rpm, peak torque of 250 cattle · m 2400-4800rpm. It is a 6 speed dual clutch or a 5 speed manual gearbox. But the current car city rating specifically to the surrounding neighborhood, Zotye 4S shop, many shops there is no car, may tour in various regions, and even a show car, only Xiewan Yuanguan Yan, estimates have to wait some time test. The car is currently in the appearance of the interior is more pleasing, what can be listed after the hot sales, is still unknown, the first static, such as today’s pre-sale price! Car city special comments: new car consulting, used car shopping guide, car knowledge consulting, online interaction within 24 hours of communication, public concern about the number of WeChat car city special comment more exciting content in which.相关的主题文章:

Cai, the first public officials openly challenge the authorities claimed that the two Sohu on the Mi antik

The administration officials openly provocative, Cai: for the first time publicly declared " two on " – Sohu military channel data figure: Xu Zong li3. Taiwan area of the Cai Yingwen administration "quasi judicial yuan" Xu claimed Zong Li3 called "special relations between nations, defy the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. Integrated media reports, "the justices" concurrently president nominee Xu Zong Li3 yesterday (13) morning to accept the Commission to review the Legislative Yuan, the KMT legislator Wang Yumin quoted Xu Xu past Zong Li3 works, about his discussion on both sides. Xu Zongli said, his idea is "3I", similar to the past relationship between East and West, this is his "constitution" interpretation, he never used the "two-state theory", he believes that this interpretation is quite friendly with the other side "". Special state to state relations, also known as the two countries, by the former leader of the Taiwan region, "Taiwan independence" Godfather Li Denghui proposed in July 1999. The two countries theory is the most important proposition of "Taiwan independence", which was put forward by Chen Shuibian in August 2002. Because, beyond the bottom line, the past has repeatedly caused a great disturbance. How to explain "Taiwan area" and "mainland area"? Xu Zongli: just a political statement at a meeting yesterday, Wang Yumin cited the "law for cross-strait relations with the new development of the evolution of" hundred years of a book, Xu Zong Li3 wrote, "the" Republic of China "to the world including People’s Republic of China’s" independence "in fact, not only is in fact independent, and the legal independence." Wang Yumin asked Xu, in the end is that you agree with the former leader, Li Denghui, said the two countries theory, Chen Shuibian said, one side of the country, or Ma Ying-Jeou said the 92 consensus? Xu Zongli said that his claim is a special state and country relations, he never used the two countries on the three words. Wang Yumin asked, your claim with Ma Ying-Jeou "92 consensus, a table" what is the difference? Xu Zongli said, Ma Ying-Jeou is not very clear that Ma Ying-Jeou is a possible "Republic of China", his "sovereignty" contains the entire Chinese continent, including Mongolia; "but my country is special, the" Republic of China "does not include Chinese sovereignty", Xu Zong Li3 said, he thought, "3I" interpretation, and the other side is quite friendly. "The power of the times legislator Xu Yongming asked Xu Zong Li3, whether People’s Republic of China is a sovereign and independent country. Xu Zongli said, "of course, no doubt". Xu Yongming asked, Xu had written "the two countries theory" and the "state of Taiwan," a book, referred to the "special state and country" is the current "constitution" on the positioning of cross-strait relations, and now it is still advocated? Xu Zongli said, this is his personal to now or so sure. He said, "the relationship between Taiwan and People’s Republic of China is not the same as the general ‘country and country’, can be fully discussed". Xu Zongli also said that his interpretation of the constitution is 23 million people in 1991 to elect their own Congress and the president, we do not represent the Chinese mainland, so I think the fundamental sovereignty.相关的主题文章:

Autumn confinement eat fruit can be tonic – mother of Sohu hypersnap-dx

Autumn confinement eat fruit can be tonic – Sohu maternal confinement in autumn should pay attention to what? A slight coolness makes people feel comfortable. So this time the production of mothers, postpartum to keep warm Oh! And can fill the body to eat fruit Oh! The next look at autumn confinement note. In the autumn the birth of a baby after confinement can be different from the general month, especially in late summer and early autumn weather repeatedly so, more attention should be paid to good windproof work, teach you the following autumn confinement note. The autumn harvest season and confinement fill the body second benefits "confinement" autumn is the harvest season, fresh market varieties rich in all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Among the leafy green vegetables of autumn, the most famous ones are spinach and cabbage. Spinach is rich in folic acid and zinc, and cabbage is a good source of calcium. If you can guarantee every month, eat a Vegetable Salad market, but it is the best. Cabbage, onion, tomato, red and yellow pepper and cucumber, add salt and olive oil. A little, not only can promote appetite, can satisfy the lactation mother a day for most of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, contribute to maternal mild tonic, body as soon as possible. Is confinement mothers can be appropriate to eat wild herbs. Because the nutrient rich compared with wild herbs, vegetables, 20% high protein, mineral content is also. The bracken as an example, the content of iron, carotene and vitamin C were 13 times, Chinese cabbage 1.6 times and 8 times. And Ma Lan, iron content is 30 times the size of an apple, is an orange of the 10 times. There are many kinds of nuts harvested in autumn, such as peanuts, chestnuts, walnuts and so on. Fat is essential to the health of postpartum women and to ensure the quality of milk, experts recommend that every day to eat some nuts, you can use them in unsaturated fats, instead of fat and fat in meat. However, due to the high heat and fat content of nuts, the daily intake of not more than 28 grams. Autumn is the harvest season. New mothers can let the family purchase some new soybean harvest, made Soybean Milk drinking every day. Compared with the other seasons, the content of protein and trace elements in the new soybean in autumn is rich. With the fall of the new yam pot pot. Help to improve maternal appetite, not only can play the air Jianpi Qingwei along the intestine, blood and blood and kidney function. Can improve the maternal blood deficiency symptoms, promote the rapid discharge of toxins. Autumn autumn confinement confinement precautions should pay attention to the wind of autumn climate be the most changeful, sometimes hot and sometimes cold, many women can not help but open air blowing cooling is susceptible to cold, in the autumn, a ventilation window is also possible, but be careful not to direct wind blowing head, especially to avoid the doors and windows open can, can be in one direction open the doors and windows, the windows closed, if the wind is strong, is lying in the living room so as not to try not to open the window by the wind. In addition, some of the people affected by the traditional "cover" confinement concept, many mothers to avoid catching cold, often closed the doors and windows also covered with a thick quilt, which seriously hampered the temperature and easy.相关的主题文章:

Buick Avenir sub brand released to the boutique, personalized direction – China Network wharfedale

Buick Avenir sub brand released to the boutique, personalized direction of development – new network, September 30, today, Buick officially announced the launch of a brand new brand – Buick Avenir. Buick Avenir brand will be Buick’s high-end models to create special fusion based on Buick century design essence with today’s trends, meet consumer quality, personalized car demand and distinguished exclusive service experience. SAIC GM Buick market sales department minister package ye said, "the development of Buick brand more than a hundred years, reflects the evolution of the social mainstream elite in different era of automobile consumption demand. The launch of the Avenir sub brand in the global market, including China, is based on the decision made by the current user’s escalating consumer demand. This will inject new inspiration and vitality for the brand, strengthen the brand’s high-end image, showing the growing position and influence of Buick in the global market and the future development of the brand vision." Buick Avenir sub brand LOGO Avenir is the meaning of "future" in French, in 2015 released and won the international award of the Buick Avenir concept car is named. And this year launched the Avista Coupe Concept Car for the Avenir sub brand provides the design of the front grille inspiration, sketched out the future of Buick brand more young, sporty design direction. Avenir sub brand innovative interpretation of the Buick classic design elements, the appearance of sculpture aesthetic shape, from the classic Buick crest design stereo mesh grille, large size luxury hub, exclusive decorative details highlight the distinguished atmosphere. The car followed the brand has always been quiet and comfortable atmosphere of class library, through the seat details and unique modern aesthetic decorative materials and unique Avenir logo, to create high-end exclusive driving space. "In the design of the Avenir sub brand, we focus on the promotion of Buick brand internationalization and attractive potential," Buick’s global design chief executive Helen Emsley said, "like the Avenir concept car passed the Buick family vision, Avenir sub brand also shows Buick beyond the aesthetic idea of classic, as well as for the design of future products, the pursuit of." So around the world, like the Buick brand luxury feel consumers are growing, a new generation of lacrosse, keangkewei and other models are selling the best proof. This deepened people’s cognition and understanding for the hundred years of the Buick brand of inheritance and innovation, not only attracted many affluent middle class, the rapid rise of the female customers, 80 90 mainly young consumer group, was also a large number of competing products from the identity of the owner to the consumer’s favor. In the first half of 2016, Buick is the fastest growing automotive market, the international automotive brand, Avenir sub brand launch will pull more consumers to the exhibition hall, which is essential for future growth." "Avenir will be Buick’s label," said Duncan Aldred, general manager of Buick’s global sales, services and marketing.相关的主题文章:

Steampunk MMORPG masterpiece phantom beta today wegener肉芽肿

Steampunk MMORPG masterpiece "phantom" today online Steampunk MMORPG masterpiece "phantom" will be held today at 11:00 on the morning of November 3rd opened the first dual platform beta does not delete files. Want to experience the most brilliant magic and industrial Steampunk style games, enjoy the perfect PVP and PVE play fusion, real-time multiplayer siege ambition their zest. What are you waiting for? Come and join us! A lot of war fighting gameplay experience pleasure "eidolon" stories interwoven in dazzling magic and steam punk era, dark pagan blitz beautiful, the flames of war, the Warriors must take up arms to defend their homes! The game includes real-time PK play lots of passion, such as siege warfare, Wangcheng, Indiana, the world BOSS pinnacle of hegemony and ultimate challenge and so on, up to twenty PVP& the PVE is bound to play game player to experience the most exciting fighting experience. To create amazing self dyeing pinched face go refused to mediocrity, show beautiful self, can the big transformation of the default game player image! In the image editing interface, eyes, mouth, face, hair, glasses, clothing, decorative decoration face and head up to eight parts of all is to transform the place, game player can personally create a gentle nurse sister, pure high school students, artificial maid and even a spoof image. Thousands of people face, unique shape without limitations! To create a fair economic system in the items "eidolon" within the game world, life occupation with cooks, witches, artisans, alchemists and treasure hunters, choose the occupation game player can not only enjoy the simple leisure life, but also a director for the warriors on the battlefield to create a large number of weapons and props, as soon as possible to help them regain ideal home! In addition, part of the game during the fall of non binding items can also flow between players to achieve fair and free trading purposes. Come and join the "phantom" official QQ group 458115957 to receive exclusive gifts, and other warriors exchange game experience! Or pay attention to the official micro-blog or WeChat "phantom of mobile phone game" can also receive exclusive custom package, not regular will drop all kinds of welfare oh!相关的主题文章: