10 days to scout destroyed drug gangs seized 2 kilograms of heroin – Sohu news dachiyouxiang

10 days to scout destroyed drug gangs seized 2 kilograms of heroin – Sohu news yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter from the Fengtai Public Security Bureau narcotics squadron was informed that the police destroyed a drug trafficking gang, arresting 3 suspects and seized 2 kilograms of heroin in high purity. Currently, the 3 suspects have been under criminal detention. By the end of 2015, according to Fengtai to persuade players to provide clues to the police: a group of people fled to Fengtai District, Liuliqiao, west bureau of Taiping Bridge area devoted to drug trafficking activities, and more stable source of drugs. After a preliminary investigation of the drug trafficking network organized, clear division of labor, secretive, frequent activities, Fengtai Bureau of narcotics squadron reported the information bureau of narcotics corps, set up a task force investigation. After careful investigation of nearly 10 months, to determine the key members of the gang in October this year, get important information of the task force: the drug gangs a major suspect Wang plans to carry large amounts of drugs from Yunnan to Beijing trading. The ad hoc group of Wang and immediately surrounding the contacts to conduct a comprehensive investigation and control, but the consciousness of anti investigation this gang suspects is extremely strong, without any signs of activity within several days. In order to avoid the ad hoc group of investigators to act rashly and alert the enemy, they can only take "means to die to defend", for 10 days, 24 hours a day the investigators watched Wang et al every act and every move. Through the hard waiting, the task force finally got the time and place of drug trafficking gang agreed transaction information. The early morning of October 29th, the suspects began to place Fengtai District Xiaotun village, ready for the drug delivery in the field". In Wang and two other accomplices wait for buyers, the arrest scene investigators make a prompt decision on the implementation of the arrest of suspects. Faced with the sudden appearance of a scout, Wang and others to drive away, in the containment of investigators tried to throttle and crashed into the police, have experienced investigators quickly broken windows suspect uniforms. After Wang carry luggage sandwich seized suspicious 3 bags of white powder, the suspect of a temporary ancient cottage seized a suspicious white powder plastic bags 8 bags. After identification, the case has seized 2236 grams of heroin. 3 suspects have been under criminal detention. It is understood that the actions of the police but also cut off an important channel to Beijing from Yunnan transportation of heroin.相关的主题文章:

South and south into the national innovation and entrepreneurship College 50 minmi

South China, among the "mobile phone computer repair shop of traditional national innovation and entrepreneurship 50 universities, professional maintenance, opaque price," cloud detection can improve the accuracy of the maintenance, reduce the cost; the traditional print shop, often long queues, bad service, cloud print can be achieved online orders, according to with the check…… Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, a number of entrepreneurial projects favored by the capital market. In the last month, the Ministry of Education announced the 2016 annual national innovation and entrepreneurship typical experience in the list, the success of the first selection of the two schools, the national innovation and entrepreneurship colleges and universities in the top 50". A number of projects for capital favor, financing amounted to more than hundreds of millions of Jiangsu Province second "Internet plus" College Students’ innovation and entrepreneurship competition ended at the end of August, the Nanjing University computer college graduates in 2015 of Xia Shilin’s "easy Weiying" project won the first prize of growth. "I’ve been busy lately." Xia Shilin said, "easy Weiying" project simply, is to rely on "cloud detection" technology to the traditional mobile phone, computer repair shop was built. Traditional mobile phone, computer repair shop is basically based on the maintenance of the experience of machine maintenance, high cost, poor results. He developed a set of cloud detection system, consumers will be able to get the phone after the repair point, the system will be the parameters of the mobile phone parts out, back to the background, the machine to determine where the fault. This maintenance, not only accurate, the cost can also be reduced by 70%." He said, now they have become the 35 brand of customer service agents, set up more than 6 thousand service points in Nanjing, set up 3 factories, stable monthly income in 3 million yuan, and the completion of the A round of 30 million yuan financing. Similar to Xia Shilin, Nanjing University of Science and Technology graduates are also concerned about the traditional industry of Guo Dongxu. Printing shop around the school, there are often a lot of people in the queue. So I thought, can the printing business moved online, sitting in the dormitory, the material sent in the past, online payment, playing directly to get." Guo Dongxu said he was the integration of the surrounding print shop to achieve cloud printing, while the design and manufacture of a similar function of the self-service printer. "From the first equipment in June to now, has received more than and 30 orders." Guo Dongxu said that a number of investment institutions are very interested in this project, I hope to join. "Since 2012, the school has successfully hatched the entrepreneurial enterprise policy network, and a number of small locksmith valuation in billion yuan." Director of student employment and entrepreneurship guidance center of Nanjing University, said the high room, only one transport policy network, this year, won 150 million yuan of financing. The student of department deputy director Wang Bo said that the 58 student enterprises over the past 3 years successfully hatched, 17 was rated outstanding entrepreneurial projects and a subsidy of $1 million 700 thousand, 30 was rated "excellent college students’ entrepreneurship project and obtained 4 million 750 thousand yuan investment. Innovation and entrepreneurship into the curriculum system, construct the atmosphere according to the introduction, two schools have so many high value projects emerge, and school innovation mechanism, innovation and entrepreneurship education into the curriculum, the school is full of strong)相关的主题文章:

Goodbye I expect Jia Ling lose weight slim Lu Yu coreldraw快捷键大全

"Goodbye" I expect Jia Ling lose weight thin Lu Yu Jia Ling Phoenix Entertainment News (written / star) in September 29th, a new health fitness class network "goodbye" in meat in Beijing Chaoyang Park held a meeting on the experiential media. Show eight star Ma Dong, Jacky Wu Jia Ling, meat, king, Kong Lianshun, Fang Jiayi, Britney Spears, natto and host Xie Nan full debut. On site meeting, Vivian Britney Spears said, failed to lose weight for Ma Dongsheng and Jia Ling to the children, their punishment is raised in Ma Dong and Britney Spears’s "children"…… Lose weight too "tragic" Jacky Wu every time want to quit after witnessing the scene to stick autumn fat Ma Dong game, team members were covered with eyes, hands pillow as a weapon to attack against Jacky Wu’s shotgun hand toys "autumn fat". Usually only in the hands of Ma Dong uncharacteristically brave invincible, simply a weight iron man. After the game trailers show open, playing basketball, dancing, eating diet and lose weight more than the meat, the stars cruelly toss, the program group "game set to be brutal and inhuman" participation of guests complain again and again. After witnessing the scene, we have complained". Jacky Wu said that since the program recorded every moment want to quit, the video was accidentally injured, is simply a nose tear. As the boss of Ma Dong for "goodbye" and "meat", incapable of action group director, he joked: "I in this program is the artist, I don’t know all the links. I was so sorry that they signed me up for 6 months before they started!" Britney Spears Tucao: "the most unbearable is not recorded, but no seven Yan standing next to me to speak of value. I just finished working with Chen Xuedong and now I’m Ma Dong!" One side of Jacky Wu also refused to yield, laughing girl into a side from Lin Chiling Jia Ling! Ma Dong Britney Spears Ma Dongsheng Jia Ling to punish their own children to lean into the Luyu Chen Conference final, meat stars collective open their weight, and set goals, but also "swear" – "if I did not reach the goal……" Punitive measures. Nadal said if not up to the goal of a vegetarian for half a year, and said that if Jacky Wu failed to lose weight, within half a year in the snack shop who met him by him to pay. Britney Spears said that if the scale is big, failed to lose weight is to give Ma Dongsheng children, even the name of the child and want a good — is called "flatterer". Other meat stars have said that this was "welfare", "full of dirt" Britney Spears retorted: "I love the handsome, is this punishment, you old. How do I know you don’t have it, healthy or not?" The media said, can not hear it! After Jia Ling joked: if I can not do it, I will punish their own big Ma Dong and Britney Spears’s son, brother, this thing I do, not a child!" Ma Dong hurriedly embarrassing whitewash: as long as the change in the father whatever!" In addition to raising children, Jia Ling is looking forward to cut into Luyu Chen, and laughing down to host such as "Lu Yu". Part of the group’s visit, Ma Dong said to lose weight is the desire of modern people, regardless of fat to lose weight. The purpose of the program itself is.相关的主题文章:

Jacky Cheung after 5 years to bring new upcoming concert tour debut in ShangHai Railway Station neogeo.zip

Jacky Cheung after 5 years with the new tour ShangHai Railway Station will debut concert on October 24th morning, Zhang Ziyi micro-blog published photos of this with Jacky Cheung, Eason Chan and husband Wang Feng with four framed photographs quickly attracted numerous onlookers, was ridicule as "the strongest in the history". In fact, freaky little chapter is the song "Jacky Cheung singing when many sister drops, the micro-blog article between the lines filled with admiration for Jacky Cheung and said," hear tonight is not only the song’s melody for having heard it many times, but also his spirit! Such a sincere, dedicated, rigorous, serious predecessors! Admire and adore!" In Contemporary Chinese music, the song of Jacky Cheung is fully deserve". He made his debut for more than 30 years, works by hundreds of millions of people had been sung, "time" magazine as one of the 50 most influential people in asia. Jacky Cheung’s singing skill and stage performance is excellent, the concert has become a lot of people in the life of the classic. This year’s "A CLASSIC TOUR alumni? Classic world tour concert?" the passion to sing. Gorgeous stage design, stunning visual effects stunt, the top Orchestra accompaniment, are the top performance level. Because it is too popular, many "Song powder" even the tickets did not buy: one hour after the start of the Beijing show, still have fans in the venue waiting for…… Shanghai fans do not worry, "song" coming soon Shanghai! Sung by Jacky Cheung will be the title of the new power light in November 18, 19, 20 at the Shanghai Mercedes – Benz cultural center visual feast concert oh. Let us look forward to the wonderful performance of the song "!相关的主题文章:

A Jiao dinner admit to married so far no one wants to marry me (video) www.xxsy.net

A Jiao "dinner" admit to married: so far no one wants to marry me "A Jiao" on the young A Jiao dinner notice: go talk about feelings: want to get married! Joey Yung. "I am a singer" unfair Tencent entertainment news by the media and video mewe Tencent jointly produced "temptation" dinner tonight will be on the line, Joey Yung and A Jiao two goddess figure struck, and Ma Dong and to generation class mothers Alyssa Chia talk about marriage and love. From the United States to the goddess A Jiao in "dinner" on the money for love has no expectation, it is the pursuit of a "marry, not a boyfriend, A Jiao also lists several future husband standards, that has been waiting for, but still did not have a suitable candidate. A Jiao don’t love to marry the future husband can not be ugly this "dinner" in Joey Yung, Alyssa Chia, Qi A Jiao three "Cougar goddess", Ma Dong became friends of women, four talk about love and marriage. Alyssa Chia pregnant with a happy marriage with Shiou, and she also has a stable object of love, only the scene is still single, still far away from the marriage of the marriage, but also in the field of marriage, the marriage of the people in the world is not a long time, but also has a good marriage with the marriage of the people of the world, and now she is still in love with the marriage of a happy marriage, and. Immersed in the happiness of Alyssa Chia in the "dinner" talk to the "love" between the bestie topic, the thought that A Jiao would like a teenager as full of expectations about love, did not think A Jiao has revealed the between words of love to. After the emotional trauma, A Jiao said he now simply do not want to fall in love, but want to get married; now she is sincere expression is the pursuit of a "marry", rather than "boyfriend". For her future husband, A Jiao heart also has standard to respect her, love him, also want to filial piety, and "not too ugly", because we want to be able to give birth to a beautiful baby. Joey Yung A Jiao: "don’t worry" she is going to get happiness. Although the desire for marriage, but A Jiao for their marriage is very cautious. Ma Dong asked A Jiao, if a man said to you that you love you, would like to marry you, ask you for a chance to fall in love, you will be touched? A Jiao’s answer is decisive: not necessarily. In A Jiao seems, a boy in the pursuit of their own process, there will be a lot of commitment, but many may not be able to achieve. It can be seen that the goddess A Jiao has really been in love, tired, do not love, just want to find the person who accompanied his life. In the end, A Jiao was disappointed to say "now no one said to marry me", this let Joey Yung heart bestie moment is not the taste, trying to comfort: "I never worry because her face is delicate, seems to be happy, even has always been digging is known as the Ma Dong, also. A Jiao: a soft blessing will show people queuing. In addition to love and marriage, people playing werewolf, Joey Yung released domineering true, A Jiao has shown little clever women, the final victory will fall into whose hands? Please look forward to every Sunday night at eight Tencent VOD on-line, every Saturday night at half past eight at the dinner Betta live on-line "temptation"!相关的主题文章: