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Pirates of the Caribbean: folk hero or tyrannical Desperado? [Abstract] the pirates have a long history. From the ancient Greece, the Empire of Rome, medieval Europe, China to the Qing Dynasty, there are pirates. Even today, the pirates are still harassing the world’s waterways, cargo ship, container ship, and even a passenger ship. In the eyes of admirers of the golden age of piracy, piracy is full of romantic villain: this group feared rogue to create life, beyond the law and the government, they are liberated from labor work and social bondage, to the pursuit of wealth, pleasure and adventure. Pirates have disappeared from the sea for three centuries, however, the golden age of pirates is still attracting a large number of fans of folk heroes. The most powerful adventure story inside the role also take them as blueprint, like Captain Hooke (Captain Hook) and one foot pirate chief John · Silver (Long John Silver), the captain Brad (Captain Blood) and captain Jack (Jack Sparrow), these amazing role turned into a sword fighting, walking the plank, treasure figure, and a box of gold and silver jewelry. These fascinating stories in the role, through the "treasure island" author Robert · Lewis · Stevenson (Robert Louis Stevenson) and Walter Disney (· Walt Disney) hand, made them known. However, Pirates of the Caribbean real version of the story, even more exciting than those legendary dazy: lost against the tyrant has long been the story of the British Empire, shake the foundation of marine start-up mutiny, forced into the trade across the the Atlantic pause, well lit days after the American Revolution democratic view. The pirate Republic is all this rebellious center, there is a free zone in the authoritarian era. "Pirates of the golden age" for a period of only ten years, from 1715 to 1725, mainly by the formation of a group of twenty or thirty senior pirate captain, as well as thousands of crew leader. Almost all of the captains knew each other, and they served side by side for merchant ships or pirate ships, or at their common base, the Bahamas, a British colonial stronghold. Most of the pirates are English or Irish, but there are a large number of Scottish, French, African, and other nationals, such as Dutch, Danish, Swedish and native american. Although these people have different nationalities, races, religions, and even languages, they still create a common culture. Corsair met at sea, often combined with the power of each other aid, even if one of the crew is French, and the other is the enemy too. They operate in a democratic way of vessels, common vote and ousted their captains, the average distribution and pillage of the property, and make the big choices in a public meeting. All this is in stark contrast to the dictatorship of other ships. In an ordinary seaman without any social security in the Bahamas, the pirates also provide disability benefits for the crew..相关的主题文章:

[experts] Wuzhen Internet Conference on China’s three significance – China Network rainlendar

[three] Wuzhen Internet Conference of experts on the significance of the China – Beijing Third World Internet Conference will be held in Wuzhen in November 16, 2016 to 18, the theme of the conference is "innovation driven, the benefit of mankind — to build a community of destiny in cyberspace". Guests attending the summit, foreign guests accounted for about half, from five continents around the world in more than and 120 countries and regions, including 8 foreign leaders, nearly 50 foreign ministers. For China, the host, the convening of the Wuzhen conference has three major significance: first, is conducive to China’s Internet companies to go abroad. According to the "new fortune" reported that as of the end of 2015, China’s economy has entered a new normal. In this process, science and technology, lifestyle and consumer attitudes change the impact on consumer trends, and thus the birth of new industries, new formats, new business model to release a huge vitality. The new wealth in 2009 is "the most potential business model, there are 4 Internet companies to 10 companies selected, and Internet companies in the last three years accounted for more than 90%. Overall, 8 years to get the most potential business model, the title of the enterprise, accounting for up to 65% of the Internet industry, which undoubtedly represents a certain direction of development. Driven by the Internet technology, in 2015 the national online retail sales 38773 yuan, an increase of 33.3% over the previous year. Among them, the physical goods online retail sales of 32424 yuan, an increase of 31.6%, accounting for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods amounted to 10.8%. One of the most prominent example, Alibaba since 2009, organized by the double 11 Shopping Festival, turnover showed explosive growth. In the world economy over the past 15 years and China economy transforms to surge high and sweep forward, Ali, Baidu, millet, Tencent, Jingdong as the representative of the China Internet companies become a chapter of A new force suddenly rises., the most vivid, the most prominent, fully enjoy the China as the largest Internet market and the biggest mobile Internet market dividend. Secondly, China is conducive to the field of the Internet has its own right to speak. In the field of Internet, and the United States Chinese formed hutch hegemony pattern. This power contrast, not only in China’s access to the Internet 20 years ago can not be foreseen in the new millennium before the advent of the Internet bubble is equally unimaginable. Horizontal comparison, and the first step in the sea of other industries compared to Chinese enterprises, China’s Internet companies seem to have a good sense of the landscape here, the market has become the most watched wave of new money". They are filled with the acceleration of the rampage in the Internet world, it took the "old money" all glory, momentary limelight without the two. Here the "new" represents not only the new industry trends, new business models, but also the new economic structure. However, as a rising third world country, China’s right to speak in the field of the Internet is not enough, with its own strength and status disproportionate. The convening of the Internet Conference is conducive to their own voice in the field, to express their wishes. This is also a manifestation of soft power. Finally, prompting)相关的主题文章:

Zhejiang Anji opened the first domestic postal routes – Beijing UAV matlab 等高线�

Zhejiang Anji opened the first domestic postal routes – UAV Beijing Anji opened the first domestic postal routes of uav. Hanggai town government photo Beijing September 19 Huzhou Xinhua (reporter Li Tingting) 19, the UAV "Jie Yan" a plane carrying more than a dozen newspapers and a postal parcel off slowly from the Zhejiang province Anji County Hanggai town government compound. 15 minutes later, these items will be sent to the village of the town of seven tubes in the hands of the villagers. It is reported that this is Chinese post in the opening of the first UAV route. Anji is located in the northwest of Zhejiang Province, within the jurisdiction of 8 towns, 3 townships, the streets of the 187, the administrative villages, covering an area of 1886 square kilometers, and mostly mountainous. At present, there are 169 administrative villages, 39 communities to achieve through the mail car. "Anji is the administrative villages delivery point wide distribution delivery point arrival station part of the distance, and a single point of freight volume, long distance transportation vehicle is not fully loaded, easy to form a waste of resources, high cost." According to the market management department director Chen Kangliang introduced Anji County postal company, to better meet the needs of transportation parcel postal system in rural areas, to further improve the operation efficiency of distribution of rural electricity supplier network, reached a strategic cooperation between Anji post and Hangzhou Xun Yi network technology Co. Ltd., the use of unmanned aircraft design and control technology of intelligent technology for fast ant. To launch the "Jie Yan" station of UAV logistics system. It is reported that the lift through the realization of intelligent logistics and unmanned, will greatly enhance the overall efficiency of logistics work, reduce operating costs, effectively solve the difficult problem of distribution in the mountains. 15 minutes later, when the UAV "Czech goose" in the seven village basketball land, village postman Chen Yong took out a newspaper and parcel from the cabin, and the first time to the hands of the villagers. Chen Yong said, there are 17 kilometers from Hangzhou Road to seven Guan Cun Gai town government, so at least half an hour. "Now the UAV 15 minutes is enough, and every day according to the actual needs of indefinite delivery, really fast and convenient!" According to reports, the "wild goose" unmanned aerial vehicle logistics system includes intelligent logistics UAV, automatic landing platform, cloud management platform and a few parts of the user APP. As long as the staff through the Web side or the mobile terminal APP, you can get real-time logistics information from the cloud server, to understand the location of the UAV, including the operation of the state, package processing information, logistics statistics, etc.. According to the general manager of Anji postal company Zhang Lifeng introduction, at present, Anji has launched seven to Hang Hang Gai Town Village village, the town to the village of Dong Ling; Shang Shu Xiang; Tianhuangping town to Daxi village 3 UAV routes, 3 months after the trial operation, will be based on the actual situation, to consider further promotion. (end)相关的主题文章:

The man pretended to investment fraud in the 800 thousand Yunnan copper mine Tengchong Trinidad poli homefront

The man pretended to investment fraud in the 800 thousand Yunnan copper mine Tengchong Trinidad police capture new network – escorted to justice Yin Haishan photography Yunnan network (reporter Yang Zhihui) man claiming to grasp the core technology of copper slag refining, invite others to jointly operate investment copper slag smelting. Defrauding 800 thousand yuan investment funds, disappeared in Burma to look for a copper mine boss to buy copper ore by negotiation. During the Mid Autumn Festival, Yunnan Tengchong police removed more than 2 thousand kilometers in Jiangxi province Dingnan county the suspects 800 thousand yuan contract fraud fugitives arrested. "I was a surname Luo Jiangxi 800 thousand yuan contract fraud." In early 2016, a Tengchong City Public Security Bureau of economic investigation team report to zhao. Originally, Zhao and Luo after a friend introduced, Luo said master core copper slag refining technology, invite Zhao, Lee and others to jointly invest in Jiangnan Village Song Shi Zhen jointly engaged in copper slag smelting. In the meantime, Luo for Zhao’s investment, fabricate a variety of reasons to let Zhao investment in copper smelting business projects, Zhao and Lee together invested 800 thousand yuan to pay all of the investment, and signed a contract with the project. He received 800 thousand yuan investment funds, to leave Tengchong to Burma to find copper mine boss negotiations to buy copper ore on the grounds, then disappeared. Subsequently, the battalion deployed veteran soldiers and able captains set up a task force to investigate the case, found in the Song Shi Zhen and no investment, copper smelting projects, but also did not obtain the relevant qualifications of copper mining smelting, after careful search, has not found traces of luo. The Mid Autumn Festival approaching, the ad hoc police continuous fighting, intensify efforts in pursuit, after a lot of work, finally found the whereabouts of Romania in Dingnan County of Jiangxi city of Ganzhou Province in September 9th. The police immediately rushed to Jiangxi, in Dingnan County Public Security Bureau under the assistance of success will Luomou arrested. September 15th, Luo was escorted back to the detention center in Tengchong detention center, the case is being further processed.相关的主题文章:

With the new task of security law Andouble instructed the Japanese self defense forces to step up pr fifa14下载

Andouble, Japan’s self defense forces to strengthen the preparation of the new task of the Japanese self defense forces to prepare information figure: local time on August 25th, the Japanese city of Gotemba East Fuji exercise ground, the Japanese ground self defense forces held an annual comprehensive fire drill Fuji. Figure for the Japanese self defense team airlanded demo. Data figure in new network on 24 October, according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s prime minister Abe Shinzo this month 23 days in the defense field training team (in the glow of dawn, Saitama) attended the parade and lecture, based on the instructions for security related laws "to the rescue guard" and "camp common defense" new to prepare the task. Andouble said: "I hope you as the patron saint of peace, to create sophisticated strong self-defense." According to reports, the Japanese defense minister Inada Tomomi visited Iwate in the county, visited Sultan in November will be sent to the south to participate in UN peacekeeping operations (PKO) of the GSDF troops of the new task of training, and certainly have arranged in good order. "". The Japanese government intends to be the fastest in mid November at the cabinet meeting decided to amend the PKO implementation plan, adding new tasks in the content of the event. In the face of the media, the paddy field revealed the idea of combining the local security situation with the overall judgment of the government. Andouble said the new task is to stick to the precious peace and handed over to the next generation of tasks, and expressed the hope that the future will be able to hold high the banner of active pacifism, active in the international arena". Abe mentioned North Korea’s nuclear test and the launch of ballistic missiles, pointed out that the security environment around China has undergone drastic changes, emphasizing the importance of strengthening the Japan us alliance. It is reported that in the paddy fields of the Japanese army Ziyan in military exercise field (Iwate county is located in the city and eight city level TAKISAWA hatabu) inspected the new task training next month will be sent to the south of Sultan to the land since the ninth division fifth general company of the eleventh batch of troops. Rice said: "the lecture has been identified to the rescue guard a series of circumstances of various actions have arranged in good order."相关的主题文章: