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College-University Over.ing fear: what students can do to do well in Cambridge English courses and on exams? It may be that unmistakable feeling in the pit of your stomach, but fear does not have to grip anyone and hold them captive. Students can do well on any IELTS test or Trinity exam. It is possible to over.e fears and do well in their courses and on tests. How can students prevent fear from keeping them from being successful? Did your mother ever tell you practice makes perfect? She was right. Practising can help students prepare themselves for sections of the tests and exams, such as a listening module and the pronunciation section, where students must pronounce words correctly. However, students are so afraid that they will do poorly that they may expect themselves to fail before they actually do fail the listening section. By practising, students can feel more .fortable when they do take the listening section on an International English Language Test and not miss any words. This is because practising does more than boost confidence; it also boosts one’s expectations when they are ready to take the test or exams. What if I run out of time to answer the test questions? This happens more than students realise. However, time allocation can solve the problem. By determining how much time you will allot to each section, will keep you from spending too much time answering a few questions in one section and leaving other sections of the IELTS test blank. Keeping to a schedule allows you to answer all questions in an exam, even if some are partially answered. It also teaches students an even more valuable lesson that they can take with them and use in their chosen career field- time management. Learning how to manage time can be valuable, especially when employees may be under time deadlines in the future and need to .plete tasks on time. What if I say the wrong thing or have nothing to say on Trinity Exams When the attention is focused solely on you, the pressure can make any student un.fortable. However, there is one way you can over.e this fear and do well on your exams and in Cambridge English courses. Practising is again one way that students can excel and feel .fortable in front of an examiner. Sometimes, students worry about saying the wrong thing because they do not feel prepared before the examiner. Practising is one way that students can prepare and also feel confident in what they say. It will allow students to express themselves, even if they think they are saying the wrong thing. An idea may not be wrong, if it is expressed logically and is on the subject given. Students may do worse on an IELTS exam or Trinity exam by not saying anything during a listening module. This is why paying attention during Cambridge English courses may pay off well and give a student the right skills they can use during exams. Expressing an idea that may not be the answer that the examiner was expecting may gain students some points rather than none. If students are afraid that they will have literally nothing to say, they can do some research and look at what other students have said or written on listening modules or during essay sections. This will prepare students by giving them topics that they can write on. It may also give them ideas for when an examiner does present the subject they are invited to speak on. By doing all these things, students will do better on any exam and will not have to worry about fear stealing their ideas, or keeping them from their dreams. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: