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Oil prices in August, the "roller coaster"   first rose 26% fell 10%– energy — people.com.cn original title: oil prices in August rose 26% "roller coaster" fell 10% as the newly released number of U.S. crude oil inventories exceeded expectations, this Wednesday to Thursday trading day, the New York mercantile exchange light crude for October delivery fell $1.72, to close at $44.70 a barrel, down 3.71%. Brent crude oil futures for October delivery fell $1.34 to settle at $47.04 a barrel, down from $2.77%. In August, the international oil price, wide frequency oscillation trend since 2015 the "low price" typical: from $39.26 in August 2nd started, frozen production anticipated benefit from oil producing countries, "a unilateral way up to August 19th, to $49.36 a barrel, rose as high as 25.7%; after that, organizations have in the $50 profit presently, prices oscillate down to August, the last trading day of $44.51 a barrel, down by as much as 9.82%. The domestic refined oil to achieve "two rising short-term oil prices continued downward has two points: one is this week in the U.S. economic data is good, the Fed officials issued a hawkish speech, the mechanism for the Fed is expected to raise interest rates later increased again, push the dollar. The more important reason comes from the supply and demand side – different from the gold market, the weak financial assets of crude oil, the impact of its price is mainly supply and demand. The U.S. energy information administration released the latest report shows that in the week ended August 26th, the U.S. commercial crude oil inventories increased 2 million 300 thousand barrels, exceeded market expectations, increased the market for crude oil supply concerns of the surplus, the international oil prices downward pressure. However, the price range is calculated by the domestic refined oil prices for the two week limit, because oil prices rose sharply early this Thursday, at 5:30 in the afternoon, the national development and Reform Commission announced in September 1st 24 oil two rising: Gasoline by 205 yuan per ton, up 200 yuan per ton diesel. Equivalent to 92 gasoline by 0.16 yuan, up 0.17 yuan 97 gasoline. This price adjustment, many prices have returned to the 6 yuan era. "Black" oil stocks Pudie the recent oil price fell wide oscillation, for the domestic market has a certain influence. This Thursday, A shares of oil and gas energy generally fell, petrochemical planes zoudie, Shanghai petrochemical, Taishan oil prices fell over 1%. From the August semi annual report, the international oil prices continued low oscillation to the energy of oil and gas enterprises bigger blow, in addition to Shanghai Petrochemical double the performance of growth, the enterprise net profit decline, China oil net profit fell 97.9%. For large oil and gas enterprises, low oil prices directly reduce the main industry revenue; for SMEs, low oil prices lead to cost control disorders. After falling to the bottom, is expected in 2016 ~2017 years, the oil and gas business should be slow to pick up the main, some small and medium enterprises are expected to regain business confidence. The focus of oil and gas stocks more in the country相关的主题文章: