Oculus at the press conference did so much but this is it for the future betting (video) ratatouille

Oculus at the press conference did so much but this is it for the future on the VR dimensional sun has organized the real Oculus Connect 3 developers conference can be said to be constantly surprises, the advent of Touch Oculus, adapting PC price down to $499, announced on VR ecological support overweight…… But if it comes to the forefront of action, rather than Oculus released a prototype machine Santa Cruz. At the developer conference, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg demonstrated a prototype Santa Cruz, and played a short film on the Oculus website. The helmet is built with a micro computer, and has a track from the inside out function, the user can freely walk around the room, no longer subject to the constraints of wire. Santa Cruz official presentation of the short Oculus said, from inside to outside tracking function has been made great progress in the software, the function is a key feature of the machine VR. Oculus mobile department head Marx Cohen said, they put the camera mounted on the helmet, tracking the user with respect to the movement of objects in the room, "sampling" and "four items around which can be identified on the environment". From the point of view of appearance, Santa Cruz looks almost the same as the Oculus Rift, but not connected to the PC. The wire is attached to a microcomputer on the back of the helmet. There are four tiny cameras in front of the helmet, which provide a "track from the inside out" function. The prototype looks pretty rough: the wire is taped together, you can see some of the components inside of the helmet, but it does not connect to PC or intelligent mobile phone. The VR experience is provided entirely by the microcomputer on the back of the helmet. Before putting on the helmet, the experiencer needs to look around the room and look at the different objects in the room in order to get a mental impression, so as not to bump into the sofa. Because it is the prototype of the reason, experience can touch Santa Cruz helmet is by the room’s Oculus assistant worn on the head. The first VR scene for the experiencer is an empty space station. It’s so cool to walk around in this virtual space because there’s no wire. But when it comes to the real walls of the room, you will see some blue grids coming out, which means that the experiencer has come to the edge of the VR world and can’t go any further. Oculus spokesman said they do not need to draw a map of the room for the helmet. Next, the experience into the paper city scene, which is a very common Oculus demo. In this scene, you are in a paper city. Someone is shouting, there’s a house on fire, and you can see a ufo. Experienced people sometimes squat, sometimes the body tilted, and sometimes even out of the balcony railing, but also can turn around to look behind. This is more interactive than most Gear VR experience!相关的主题文章: