No wonder Victoria Song exposes the single screen small artistes through more handsome kamikaze love

No wonder Victoria Song exposes the single screen small artistes through the handsome lead: Victoria Song Yang Yang of the CP has got the song has Qianfang but raise a Babel of criticism of, clearly denied the affair with Yang Yang, respond domineering or single state. The stars of love always whirling very, or take a look at the Vic clothing worry, recently she is really more beautiful through. (source: Beautiful Web content) Victoria Song Victoria Song recently appeared Changsha other airport airport, wearing a white striped Off-White sportswear, sporty, hand Louis Vuitton brown handbag printing, movement revealed strong high street tidal range of children, relaxed and fashionable, it seems to fall with a sports suit. Victoria Song is wearing a denim shirt is always full of people to be Victoria Song fashion taste, this is not, she starts a denim jacket back rate high Caine London, the front seems to be nothing special, in fact, fashionable details are in the back, through the fashionable sunglasses collocation Dior high street feeling. Victoria Song Monroe’s white suit dress collocation pattern T-shirt with pleated skirt, looked fresh and cute, in a dark blue suit, feel the wind of the British Academy, pure and sweet. According to the latest micro-blog Victoria Song wore sweater, wearing Off-White Yves Saint Laurent baseball cap collocation sweater, vibrant, Meng Meng Da LOEWE luoyiwei panda gift package a sense of fashion, the two fashion brand really is Vic’s heart good.相关的主题文章: