Nintendo retro host NES classic was disassembled in fact, it is a Linux implementation of the comput aspack

Nintendo retro host NES Classic was dismantling: in fact, it is a classic NES Famicom executive Linux Sohu – a Nintendo computer technology with mini attitude to return to Japan market. Will be on sale in Japan on November 10th Mini red machine, built in the 30 classic games, the price of 5980 yen (about 380 yuan). The foreign players have been getting the U.S. version of the NES Mini, and the dismantling of the. Peter Brown editor of Gamespot the host and the host plate dismantling, Po machine, basically this host is not complicated, after dismantling the screwdriver shell, you can see the motherboard inside is quite simple. Users query these chip models, lists the hardware specifications for the host: This machine is in fact running simulator, and then NES the game into 1080p output. Using the Allwinner R16 solution, and Allwinner is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer allwinner technology Chinese (the fabless semiconductor manufacturers is only responsible for the design of the chip, by other manufacturers), this chip is for NES Mini to build, including a dual core Mali-400 GPU, Cortex-A7 CPU and 4 Nuclear ARM. Although a small replica host appears to be a "toy", but to the hardware performance, he more than 10 years ago, Wii and even N3DS hardware features 8 months ago are more powerful. Therefore, it seems strange, with such specifications of the host to run emulators to play 35 years ago retro game is too put fine timber to petty use? Unfortunately, Nintendo has confirmed that NES Mini is not designed to expand the game, while the host board now apart also can see clearly, and did not set aside the USB port or Wi-Fi download mechanism allows us to expand the game. The internal storage of NAND ROM seems to be welded on the top of it, unless you use the tools and technology, it is also from here to start the installation of the game. However, arstechnica has also come to a conclusion, they are very sure that in the near future, there will be players will be used to capture the entire NES Mini simulator, and then install it to other hardware. Maybe you can also run in the same Linux raspberry pie see raspberry pie version of NES Mini. (by T guest state authorized reprint for more information), please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: