NBA star to buy the lol team next year impact s series misao

NBA star to buy LOL team next year impact S series [Abstract]NBA Celtics forward Jay Rebko bought the Renegades team! Boston Celtic striker Jay Rebko entered the competition, Jay Rebko bought Renegades Montecristo and Chris Badawi team from the hands of the team, the CSGO team had three Major second. Said Jay Rebko had originally planned to 2017 to enter the gaming, but just now the Renegades meetings, four members of the contract expires, he felt that he should seize this opportunity. The signing of the Australian players, they will move to the United States, Michigan, Rochester, under the leadership of coaches and managers training. At the same time, he also signed a call of duty team, the team will be in September in the world of call of duty. Jay Rebko said he wanted to build a diversified club, will be re established and watch LOL pioneer and halo division. He was in Las Vegas for the NBA season, where I met Tobias Sherman, WME and IMG gaming leader, Mykles was introduced to him. Now Jay Rebko knows the e-sports development speed is very fast, he hopes to help the reputation of gaming can leverage their sport, as a member of the NBA, he should be very clear eSports players rights. "The call of duty in the contract period has been in arrears for the 3-5 months of wages, Jay Rebko said, in my case, this will not happen, the wages of absolute arrival on time." Jay Rebko also said he would like his players to work together for a long time. "Some people want to sign a contract for six months." Jay Rebko wants to sign at least a year. Renegades’s LOL division due to illegal operations, the first was ordered to sell the shares were ordered by the Riot, and was forced to transfer, then there was a female assistant team Remi. But the team also developed a ADC Freeze, previously served in the H2K summer season start, now on the sidelines in. This summer season Renegades promotion LCS success, or the number sold to NV, now change boss Renegades was finally able to flex its muscles. Before Jay Rebko’s gaming, presumably in reference to the Fox approach, in December last year, the Lakers’ championship member Rick Fox will invest Echo Fox team, although they are today summer league won only one race, but still managed to avoid relegation, the team still guarding the Froggen Road, and just hired Dardoch jungler. Shark – Shaquille ONeil this year to invest in NRG, although they did not record in the LOL, was defeated by the FOX level, but in the vanguard of their strong momentum. Jay Rebko’s NBA career is not good, if he can learn from the investment by FOX, maybe he can hit a world E-sports in business, such as the 50s NBA, everyone has the opportunity, Renegades’s performance is worth looking forward to.相关的主题文章: