MSCI the end of the month will push 20 new index or bring tens of billions of dollars for a stream mmc.exe

MSCI the end of the month will push 20 new index or A shares to bring billions of dollars in cash flow Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn can make you my Liu Li, according to media reports you, America Index provider MSCI company announced late Tuesday, will launch 20 new index at the end of September, in order to reflect if the 5% part of Chinese A shares included in the MSCI emerging markets index after the potential impact. The new index including MSCI Chinese index (including A shares), MSCI large and small China index (including A shares), the MSCI emerging markets index (including A shares), MSCI global market index (including A shares). Or part of the selection into the A shares, the company said, MSCI emerging markets index is the leading emerging market investment benchmark, while the inclusion of Chinese A shares will have a significant impact on emerging market investment patterns. The new index can be used as a reference for tracking products, and provides a more comprehensive index reference tool for international investors. MSCI is a global index and related derivatives products of the international company, the introduction of the MSCI index for investors. The MSCI emerging markets index is the leading benchmark investment in emerging markets, the review for Chinese A shares into the possible path of emerging market system mainly includes the part (5%) and (100%) fully into two ways. Prior to 3 years, MSCI were not included in the A emerging markets index, the most recent in the early morning of June 16th, said the delay will be China’s A shares into the MSCI emerging markets index. For now, MSCI or will be part of the selection into A shares, and made a pre exercise". Or bring Yierbaiyi dollars to the market generally believes that the opening of the capital account as an important part of the overall situation, through the opening of Hong Kong will be conducive to the future of the A shares included in the MSCI index, then, A shares 70% of the shares through the Hongkong open to the international market. According to a survey shows that there are 8 respondents believe that if A shares successfully incorporated into the MSCI, the market will bring $10 billion ~200 billion of capital flows. There are 12 institutions that, if A shares the successful finalists, Shanghai will rose 5; that rose between 5%~10%. Goldman Sachs believes that the initial assumption of A shares into the market value of 5%, which means that in the MSCI emerging markets index weight will be raised to $1.1%, equivalent to only $16 billion of potential inflows. Therefore, investors should focus on long-term rather than short-term impact. Citigroup pointed out that the impact of the impact of A shares into the MSCI liquidity is greater than the actual significance of the symbol, the estimate will bring $22 billion benchmark A share configuration, foreign investors now hold $70 billion of A shares. The agency said that a rough estimate of the proportion of A shares into the MSCI index system, bringing about 21 billion dollars of potential capital inflows, if all inclusive, the potential capital inflows of about $360 billion. Sina statement: this message is reproduced from Sina相关的主题文章: