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"Mr. moon" | international Andersen prize winning writer Wenger, Tommy? – Sohu today Pu Pu Lan radio mother tells the story of the moon in Mr. envy people on earth happy life, clinging to the tail of the comet came to earth, began a tortuous adventure…… What adventures did Mr. moon have? A listen — so — something tonight anchor story [Mr. moon] for more than 5 years old baby clear night, the stars in the sky is very bright, people can clearly see the slumped in silver hut Mr. moon. He looked far people on earth dancing, envy. If only I could dance with them!" Mr. moon grabbed the comet’s tail. "Bang?" a comet hit the earth! The animals fled into the forest. The huge thunder alerted the people near the city. ??? when they arrived at the scene, who do not understand, what is this lying under the volcano is soft and white. Oh…… Poor Mr. moon was thrown into prison. One day, the moon suddenly found that his left side is about to disappear. "Well, yes, I will soon become thinner with the crescent moon!" Children, you guess, Mr. moon finally escaped prison? · editor recommended · Tommy Weigall can always create the imagination. In his fairy tale, the moon also has the passions, the moon will be the envy of human life, the moon is like a naughty child, the moon also eager to be accepted and loved: These are associated with children’s psychological fit, and it is so natural, as if the story is so clever from his heart. Out of the same. Do not know if you have not found, this story is not just a simple fairy tale, the hidden meaning of deep thought. In the story, Mr. moon reflects the situation of marginalized people who are not accepted by the society. Around us there are a number of such marginal people, they are particularly want to integrate into the community, is extremely eager to be recognized, but was rejected. Tommy himself once said, "Mr. moon" is a story without end for those who are different from most people…… He is a little bit like alluding to my own life." Of course, we may not want to instill the concept of marginalized people to the children of the community, Mr. moon’s emotional changes enough to explain everything: his earth travel happy? Why did he run away? Why don’t you come to earth? When the story is over, when these problems in the children’s hearts ripples, profound social thinking has been imperceptibly into the hearts of children. Believe in this book, the story of Mr. moon will continue in the hearts of the children, continue in our hearts. Where is he going to travel today? Will he be accepted by a good friend? We will not know how to accept him, to accept everyone around him? Each can see and see the moon at night, the moon first 6相关的主题文章: