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Mount Lu resort four hundred spin, the strength of Mg Ruiteng too headstrong – Sohu received notice Ruiteng car test drive in Mount Lu four hundred mg nine spin "when I have time selectively blocked all information except the" Mount Lu "two words outside. On Mount Lu, there are too many men of literature and writing poetry from ancient to modern times in praise and praise, old man is in his poem "·" in Qilv; Mount Lu, "one mountain flying along the Yangtze River, a step on the spread of verdant four hundred spin", against the background of the Mount Lu towering majestic and hovering volley, the board of the lofty sentiments and aspirations. Today, I will have the opportunity to close contact with Mount Lu 9 four hundred spin, and to measure the roundabout and winding with Mg Ruiteng wheels, experience the ups and downs of complex and dangerous, the mood at that time is really looking forward to. Mingjue Ruiteng often concerned friends should know that it play drive "routine", it has emboldened the courage, where dangerous pick where, where to choose where personality. Before crossing the Xinjiang dushanzi-korla highway, in the Tianshan Mountains turn 18, after the Hubei Enshi challenge Bigua road now and immediately upgrade for Mount Lu four hundred 9 spin. So, this kid is like England mg Ruiteng exclusively from the Character Palette selected the most suitable tonality themselves – in full color. As for what, a return the largest capital than "high performance". The activities of our test drive is at the beginning of this year officially listed 2016 new mingjue Ruiteng 2 TGI models, with SAIC world-class "blue chip" efficient powertrain — 2.0TGI Disi turbo engine and TST 6 speed dual clutch automatic transmission, the maximum power of 220 horsepower, peak torque of · cattle; m, this set of powertrain with super acceleration 8 seconds Pobai ", so yiyanbuge ran mountain Ruiteng mg, is not good". In accordance with the planned route test our team starting from Nanchang, through nearly 100 miles of highway to Mount Lu, and then from the north gate hill climbing all the corners reach Kuling town. In the process of running, D hanging files, if gently pressed on the accelerator, at low speed, turbine in the state, return power to give a person a kind of invisible feeling, and when the throttle, the vehicle engine speed to 2 rpm, like a burst of Ruiteng young son so, the perfect 2.0T super power release. In general, the response speed of Ruiteng itself is very good, the beginning of the speed is linear can be used to describe. In the shift, Ruiteng also did not disappoint, excellent sense of comfort, compared to other commercially available dual clutch gearbox, ifheavier. Through the high-speed road, the team finally arrived at the foot of Mount Lu, in the north gate, ahead of us is the famous "Mount Lu 9 four hundred spin". This level is like specifically for the "Challenger" Ruiteng. It is not that diamond, how dare to embrace this porcelain live! After a while the cliff side of the cliff, after the road is long and narrow and dangerous Enshi Bigua road to challenge Mount Lu four hundred spin, to return, but also didn’t what can not be!相关的主题文章: