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Most enjoy the smile tour, 100 beauties "Rose of the north" 4 days 3 nights Tour – Sohu before tourism language in Chiang Mai, the first time I heard the name of the city is in the Teresa Teng song "xiaochengstory", as a type of retro 80, that Teresa Teng is not conceal my youth when the star idol. Preparing for the trip to Chiang Mai, my heart is exciting, moving, impulse…… Thank you very much for Thailand Airlines smile sincerely invite, explore the Chiang Mai town a long. The preparation was mentioned in Thailand, that is a said to go to a city, because the distance is near China. But at this time I really want to go, but found that really not so simple, too many things to be prepared. If you are ready to travel to Thailand, then I will share the following will play a great role in you, read it carefully! If you have been to Thailand, through the door, Suthep temple, temple Ssangyong, night market, elephant camp and so on conventional lines, but also want to go to Thailand to Chiang Mai "where the most fun? The best restaurant to eat?" And worry, read it carefully! In this paper, these places enough to give you a surprise, let you buxucixing! [share] Tips 1, the 4 day of the trip, the general use of a 22 inch BOX + a portable backpack, enough. 2 this month, Thailand’s temperature is rainy in summer, 26-34, prepare a few pieces, sandals, sports shoes, sunglasses, carry folding umbrella is necessary. 3, special mention must be prepared sunscreen! Sunscreen cream! Sunscreen cream! +, the more the better, and a bottle of sun repair double insurance. 4, visa, due to time constraints, I chose to Ctrip visa, very convenient. 5, go to the bank to exchange some China 3000 baht, as pocket money is enough (1000 of them converted into small denominations), in exchange for $600 ($six for large denomination, where convenient, at the same time in Thailand, is said to be more cost-effective in dollars) Thailand will check (or occasionally pass visa required an inspection tour to Thailand), because there is a regulation: the need to carry 20000 baht (or equivalent in foreign currency). In the preparation of a money savings card and a credit card can be convenient, return the airport duty-free shopping, ha ha. 6, if you are a net traveler, remember to apply for a free foreign WiFi in advance, is still in the title to traveler shoes can on the Internet to rent a cheap. If there is a need to call can also buy a Thailand one-2-call card, Happy card or True card, are one-way charges, after the opening of the Thailand can be changed to give the family a safe. 7, Thailand time than an hour later than Beijing time, remember to arrive in Thailand after the adjustment of the table. 8, prepare a universal conversion plug. Thailand power jack are two holes, 220V, 50H, and China is the same, do not need a converter, but the plug socket computer commonly used are not the same, need a converter. 9, if your English相关的主题文章: