Morning to do the richest man to learn Wang Jianlin, such as the first to earn one hundred million –

Post | do rich to learn Wang Jianlin, such as the first Sohu to earn one hundred million technology to learn Wang Jianlin’s richest man, such as the first to earn one hundred million days before Wang Jianlin’s "Lu Yu", not only led Lu Yu into the dining hall for the first time to visit Wanda, open a private plane carrying Lu Yu travel together, finally is stunned. When it comes to the recommendations of entrepreneurs, Wang Jianlin said, want to do the richest man is right, but it is best to set a small target can be achieved." In the program, when it comes to "how big is the heart, is it right?"" This topic, Wang Jianlin said the heart and the stage is a gradual process of amplification. A lot of students came up to say to do the richest man, but do not even know what to do, there is this idea, want to do the world’s largest, want to do the best in the world. "But it’s best to set a small goal that can be achieved, for example, if I earn one hundred million first. Do you think you can make one hundred million in a few years?. You are planning five or three years, it should be up to the next, we say the next goal, I ran to the 1 billion, the 10 billion, the next year, the next one hundred million." He said that it is very difficult to do a good job, be sure to do things that other people have not done, do not want to think about other people, and business model as much as possible with others, to be unique." Via NetEase notebook computer father died according to "New York Times" reported that the British born computer engineer John · Ellenby (John Ellenby) recently died in San Francisco at the age of 75. Allenby has made great contributions to the birth of the notebook computer. Ellenby’s son has confirmed his father’s death, but did not disclose the cause of death. Ellenby founded Grid Systems company in the California mountain view in early 1980s, and set up including the famous industrial designer William · Moger Rich (William Moggridge), engineering design team. The team developed a "clamshell" computer, equipped with orange electroluminescent flat panel display, which is the world’s first commercial notebook computer Grid Compass. The computer was pushed into the market in 1982 and is now viewed as far more than the time limit. January 28, 1986, Grid Compass was sent to the challenger. But the rocket booster failed, causing the shuttle to explode shortly after takeoff. The Grid Compass, which was firmly glued to the dashboard, was later found to be able to work properly. Ellenby in old age had explained that the notebook was inspired by a visit to the White House, when he saw 1 White House officials, who said to a machine, not only to all functions including standard commercial personal computer, but also can be put into the Ellenby carry a briefcase. Ellenby responded, it is very difficult to! Via Tencent, the Russian search giant Yandex force unmanned vehicle, by the Russian community相关的主题文章: