Ministry of Education next year will be the implementation of national standards for undergraduate t isobuster

The Ministry of Education: undergraduate talent training quality national standard newspaper in Nanning on 29 October, will be implemented next year (China Youth Daily · youth online reporter Yuan Chunlin) next year, China will implement the national standard of undergraduate education quality. Vice Minister of education Lin Huiqing said in 2016 China Higher Education Association annual meeting and the International Forum on higher education today, the Ministry of education at the end of this year, early next year, the promulgation and implementation of all 92 undergraduate class teaching quality standard, as the undergraduate education quality of national standard and basic requirements. At present, the talent training is placed in a more prominent position. Lin Huiqing said that the newly revised higher education law once again clear that colleges and universities should focus on cultivating talent, teaching, research, social services and cultural heritage innovation. She explained that the recent group of colleges and universities in the development of first-class universities and first-class discipline construction program, the construction of first-class undergraduate as the core indicators, the reform of education and teaching as an important content. Some colleges and universities "heavy scientific research, light teaching" tendency is reversed, some colleges and universities are turning into the advantages of scientific research personnel training. The new round of comprehensive reform program in Colleges and universities will focus on the reform of teacher evaluation system, the most important thing is to increase the weight of teaching, guide and encourage teachers to devote more energy to teaching. In addition, personnel training funds continued to increase, 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) undergraduate university student funding all reached 12 thousand yuan. The main body consciousness of university quality assurance is enhanced, and a number of colleges and universities have formed the self diagnosis and self perfect work mechanism of talent cultivation. However, Lin Huiqing pointed out that, while fully affirming the achievements, we should also clearly see that as a global point of view, personnel training center status is still not strong enough, the "scientific research, teaching" the problem is still more prominent, the work of teaching, teachers pay attention to investment and resource protection is not fully in place, personnel training the work is still in the process of climbing. Lin Huiqing said that improving the quality of personnel training, schools, teachers, students and the common responsibility of all levels of education administrative departments, the parties should assume their respective responsibilities and responsibilities. She pointed out that colleges and universities, colleges and universities to further implement the core status of personnel training. For example, the important thing is that colleges and universities should avoid the emphasis on teaching, emphasis on personnel training, generalization, abstraction. Students and teachers are not symbols and numbers, colleges and universities to promote the work of personnel training. In addition, colleges and universities should also increase the financial support for faculty and teachers to carry out teaching reform. Lin Huiqing introduced, in order to improve the teaching management system, the Ministry of education to develop and revise basic teaching documents, but also the implementation of a series of special education reform, teaching reform. For example, the implementation of the central university education and teaching reform, the basic ability of the central and Western Colleges and universities special construction projects, the state invested funds to support several key areas of national development strategy urgent need to promote teaching reform. At the same time, the Ministry of education is also actively promote the teaching quality evaluation and supervision requirements: University to establish and perfect the self evaluation system of teaching quality; carry out the audit assessment of the quality of teaching in Colleges and universities; professional high level University of engineering and medicine occupation strong, carry out professional certification, the establishment of international.相关的主题文章: