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College-University The Symbiosis Institute of International Business is a premier management institute located in the heart of Pune. Specializing in offering post graduate programs that deal with relatively niche domains like agribusiness, international business and energy and environment, this institute has helped several students realize their dream. Backed by a team of seasoned academicians and industry experts, SIIB has consistently endeavoured to help students lay the foundations of a strong and well-paying career. The SIIB MBA in Agribusiness program! In addition to its academic training, SIIB is also known for its innovative steps that continue to be in favour of students and their betterment. One such initiative is the MBA in Agribusiness program launched by SIIB a few years ago. Developed in accordance to the existing industry standards, this is a unique program that focuses on exclusively on blending the developments of technology that can help increase the generation of output for the agriculture industry as well. This is a unique program in terms of its subjects as it focuses on the relatively lesser explored domain of agribusiness. Additionally, the Agribusiness program is an important source that is successfully addressing the needs of the agriculture driven economy. Why is it different? Today, most people limit their thinking abilities to the MBA in general management. But, a generic idea of management may not be sufficient for the smooth operation of the industry. In fact, sometimes you need industry specific knowledge in order to be able to contribute towards the growth of the economy. Also, the agribusiness industry is in need of such experts in order to take up challenging roles and spearhead the country towards growth. Choosing SIIB There are several business schools in India yet SIIB continues to remain the flag bearer when it comes to MBA in Agribusiness. After all, it is amongst the top notch institutes when it comes to studying in a conducive learning environment especially for a niche program like MBA in Agribusiness. Even in terms of facilities, SIIB takes care of all the details ensuring that the students can focus on their studies. The residential MBA program is carefully detailed in order to ensure that the students are able to maximizing their learning. Admission process! The SIIB admission process is based on the SNAP test. Yes! Start with registering for SNAP and follow it up with a separate registration for SIIB as well. The registration is confirmed once your fees are accepted. As soon as the SNAP test concludes, every institute that you register to including SIIB will receive your score. Basis the score, SIIB will shortlist the eligible students and invite them for the group discussion and personal interview. This process is also done to analyse the students capabilities, analytical thinking, promptness to answer and confidence to face the interview. The group discussion is supervised by expert academicians and interview is also conducted by them in order to understand the potential and true interest of the students. This analysis is what helps the SIIB administration to chalk out the final list of admitted candidates. Admissions for the MBA programs batch of 2015-2017 have begun. Interested candidates should visit for more details! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: