Man suspected of killing 3 relatives and friends of the family dispute after jumping suicide hypersnap-dx

The man suspected of killing 3 relatives and family disputes Dutch act the scene after jumping from the original title: emergency: suspect due to family disputes to Shenzhen Guanlan a driver killed three relatives after the Dutch act Shenzhen news this morning at about 10, accompanied by a "rat-a-tat" fall GEOSOUND, Longhua Guanlan grid Australia furniture (two road six Huimin Si Industrial Zone No. 27, near the bus station near the Guanlan) with frightful to the ear of homicide. To understand the Jing Bao reporter 11 pm arrived at the scene, the killer (said to the driver of the original factory) suspected because of family disputes, altercation with family and friends. The three deceased factory staff, respectively, the murderer’s wife, wife’s sister (pregnant) and sister (seriously injured seriously injured the murderer mother-in-law, cut to the carotid artery) have been rushed to a nearby hospital, then jumped to the murderer dead in space Dutch act. According to the newspaper reporter at the scene learned that the tragedy occurred, the perpetrators of their children at the age of 4 at the scene, witnessed the whole process. Side convenience store owner told reporters that the suspect is triggered because of family disputes. Source: newspaper editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: