Male and female thief hit the theft Shanghai police uncovered new car theft case in network series guitarpro5

"Male and female thief" hit the theft Shanghai police cracked a series of car theft case – Beijing [Xinmin? New report] night, mysterious men rental travel, wandering frequently in the car battery. Recently, Xinmin Xinmin Evening News reporter learned from the Yangpu police department, the public security organs through the line tracking, successfully cracked series of theft three car case, arrested the suspect two. According to the Yangpu police, the end of July this year, several cases of theft cases occurred in Yangpu District Yanji continuous car battery, Kongjiang area. After receiving the report, Yangpu Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment in Yanji village police dispatched elite police task force to carry out careful investigation. By visiting the scene, investigators found a few thefts occurred in the old district, criminals take advantage of the crime in the middle of the night when the staff is scarce, succeeded in the night under the cover of the ride to escape the scene. In the investigation, the evening of August 26th, Yanji seven village residents parked downstairs in the car battery was stolen. Through access to the area of video surveillance, investigators found the night the day, a pair of middle-aged men and women who ride a black car pulled out of the cell, this car is very similar to the stolen vehicle. After further investigation, investigators confirmed that middle-aged men and women are not the residents of the District, the night two people took a taxi to the community. Subsequently, investigators along the escape route of two people to track and found its foothold in Jingan District, a district of Linfen road. After careful visits, ad hoc group confirmed that the Anhui Shanghai District, the temporary Zhao Jin a major crime suspects. In September 6th 9 pm, by investigators waiting to ambush in Jingan District, a total of three Kang Zhao, the village will be arrested Kim, seized pliers, screwdrivers and other tools of crime. After appearing in court, the suspect Zhao, Kim confessed from July to early September, in Hongkou, Yangpu and other areas in the implementation of the car battery theft case 7 facts of the crime. According to his account, the two Department of Anhui villagers, crime of clear division of labor, by Kim beside lookout, Zhao with pliers and other tools damaged the car battery lock, then quickly fled. In order to escape the police hit Zhao and Kim will steal a taxi from the temporary residence, and the choice of the old district of night duty personnel less crime. Currently, the suspect Zhao, Kim two people have been under criminal detention according to law, the case is under further investigation. Yangpu police remind the public, please scooters, electric car parked in the garage or unattended parking at night, but also to strengthen the prevention of vehicles equipped with alarm. Xinmin Evening News Xinmin reporter Dai Tianjiao相关的主题文章: