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Magic or cheating? Ali cloud artificial intelligence ET also hidden in what secrets – Sohu technology Google artificial intelligence AlphaGo through the battle of fame, Sony has produced a single robot. The robot of artificial intelligence in Western world is awakening on the road ready to. Ali cloud ET artificial intelligence also unwilling to remain out of the limelight after the last time in the "I am," after the singer in the Tmall champions, double eleven party, ET ran out, magic. The magic to see video. In fact, ET more than Kongming, more than the wisdom of the demon". So a lot of people are wondering, is it cheating? Is it a good preset? The calculation is about cheating, it is more difficult to face recognition, speech recognition, in fact, for artificial intelligence ET, magic is indeed different from the difficulties of human beings. The magic of the principle, there are public information, is to put the cards with the De Bruijn sequence of mathematical equations, the remaining 32 permutations, when holding black card guests turned, ready to answer. If it is human beings to change the magic, the need to remember the human brain 32 permutations and combinations, and immediately give the answer, in fact, a little bit difficult. It is said that many magicians will be a little bit of paper. However, this calculation, for ET, is indeed, in pediatrics pediatric, it is cheating to bully people. However, for the simple things of human beings, such as language communication, watching a few stars say the name, this is hardly a laborious thing, for ET, but there is a greater challenge. For example, China’s rate of speech, language processing need higher levels of the system, not the letter, you open the Siri directly read some tongue twisters to try, see Siri will not enter the ignorant circle mode directly. Speech recognition has been developed for many years, a leading technology company Nuance is in the era of Google heavily poached many talents, and with the development of neural network and machine learning technology makes speech recognition in the era of big data have higher skills. Take ET, after massive training, the more in dealing with the complex external environment, the more complex language proficiency. At the time, AlphaGo on the go with myself, with the story touching color like the sun in Losangeles at half past four in the morning, but ET can also learn Guo Degang or in the middle of the night ah, or portions of China’s chair. In addition to speech recognition, face recognition. ET in the field of complex light environment, through face recognition, the order of the cards and the face of the guests one by one. In addition, in the double eleven carnival, we only see the ET on the stage, in the sight of the ET, also as intelligent customer service, the electricity supplier Ali brain, respectively Xiaomi, play a role in customer service, personalized recommendation and other multiple nodes. So, the whole story is like this, looking at the wonderful, the story behind it is wonderful, look forward to cheating, conspiracy theory, there is No. But from the presentation and the accumulation of technology, Ali cloud in the industry is really play out. ET back.相关的主题文章: