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Wine-Spirits Bangalore, 31st January 2014:- KRSMA Estates, founded by Krishna Prasad and Uma Chigurupati, Managing Directors of the Rs 1200 crore Hyderabad based pharma .pany Granules India, today formally announced its entry into the Indian wine market, with the launch of its first range of super-premium boutique wines. The launch by KRSMA Estates has been much awaited ever since it created a history of sorts by bagging a double gold for its Chardonnay 2013′ and a gold for Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, besides a silver for its ‘Sauvignon Blanc 2013′, at the China Wine & Spirits Award 2013. It added to its acclaim by receiving rave reviews from world-renowned wine connoisseurs at the World Wine Symposium in November 2013. KRSMA Estates has launched the Chardonnay 2013, Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, Sangiovese 2012 and Sauvignon Blanc 2012 priced at a range from Rs.750 to Rs.1500/bottle. Only 2000 cases of the world-class wine have been produced, which will be available in the Bangalore market initially, before KRSMA forays into other domestic markets like Delhi, Goa etc., and international markets this year. KRSMA has partnered with premium outlets such as Madhuloka Liquor Boutique, Drops, Classic Alcobev, Dewar Wines and Cyber Wines to retail its first range and will soon be available at restaurants and hotels across the city. Krishna Prasad and Uma have invested close to Rs 7 crores, ever since they forayed into the wine business and started KRSMA Estates in 2007. Majority of this has been in establishing a world-class 170 acre vineyard, of which 45 acres are cultivated, with 30 acres yielding and a 80,000 litre high-end boutique winery, located 70 km from Hampi, so that the wines can be hand-crafted from vineyard to winery. They have also invested significantly in other aspects of production including importing equipment and machinery, packaging materials such as bottles from France and labels from Australia, to ensure it reflects the high quality of the wine. Speaking at the launch Krishna Prasad said, Despite having emerged almost two decades back, Indian wines have not appealed to the global palate and have been struggling to create a place for themselves on the international wine map. With KRSMA estates, we aim to fill this gap and cater to a growing audience of discerning wine lovers and connoisseurs who have experienced some of the best brands from around the world. KRSMA will be amongst the first Indian wines that will cater to the tastes of a globally exposed audience and the international awards and response at global wine fairs reiterates our firm belief.’ We have crushed five harvests since we established the vineyard way back in 2007, and winery in 2010, but this is the first time it will be available on shelves. A .bination of iron-rich schist type soil, minimal rainfall, and cool night-time temperatures during ripening, provides us with flavoursome grapes; the most essential .ponent for making good wine. We truly believe that good wine is first made in the vineyard. We want to place Hampi Hills on the world map and gain recognition for India as a producer of high quality wines’, says a proud Uma, Director of KRSMA Estates. Overview of the Indian Wine market: According to a Technopak report, the overall Indian wine market can be estimated at 9.75 lakh cases or INR RS 175 crores at wholesale price. Though low penetration has resulted in low per capita consumption, the market is steadily growing at a CAGR of 20-25%. Indias wine consumption has increased drastically and it constitutes 45% of sales of alcohol in India. Domestic and imported markets account for 70% and 30% respectively. While imported wines have traditionally managed to attract customers, a slew of Indian winemakers and national brands are catching up. Karnataka grows over 3,30,000 tonnes of grapes and produces 3.5 million litres of wine annually; has over 17 wineries. Karnataka .es second in the list of wine producers and Bangalore is third in the list of wine drinkers, after Delhi and Mumbai. About KRSMA Estates: The stepping stone for KRSMA Estates was laid in 2007 by the successful entrepreneurs, Krishna Prasad and Uma Chigurupati, who are also the managing directors of Granules India; Rs 1200 crore Hyderabad based Pharma .pany. KRSMA is spread over 170 acre vineyards near Hampi. KRSMA Estates has world class equipment and machinery, packaging materials to ensure it reflects the high quality of the wine. KRSMA Wines have won double gold and silver at the China Wine & Spirits Award 2013. Also, it has received, rave reviews from world-renowned wine connoisseurs at the World Wine Symposium in November 2013. For media enquiry please contact: Suman Prasad, 8123533197 ( [email protected] ) Chidananda BA, 8970935708 ( [email protected] ) About the Author: 相关的主题文章: