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Politics Martha Miller has Strong Support for Career and Technical Education Traditionally, vocational education, now referred to as Career and Technical Education, has been seen as an either/or choice with which a student, while still a teenager must make a lifetime decision as to whether or not they are going to be a white collar or a blue collar worker. That is, of course, wrong. It is also unnecessary. Career and Technical education and College Preparation can, and should, work hand in hand. In fact, studies show students who get involved in Career and Technical Education programs are not only more likely to succeed in high school, they are more likely to go to college. The relevance, the obvious and immediate benefit, of career and technical education classes motivate students to attend school and succeed. They also spark the imagination of what continued success in school beyond high school could mean in terms of greater benefit to a career, their earning power and their shot at the American dream. Career and Technical Education in high school also equips students with the skills for jobs, part time and full time, with which to pursue postsecondary ambitions. I strongly applaud the leadership of the Kern High School Districts Board of Trustees for embracing Career and Technical Education. The Board recently redefined its graduation requirements to include the opportunity to take Career and Technical Education classes, the credits for which count toward the 220 units required for graduation. The new Pathways requirement allows students to explore a career area and to later explore another area or areas as well. Their selection of a class does not lock them into a lifetime career choice. The net result of this Pathways program is that students gain valuable knowledge that will serve them in their careers and also should they pursue post secondary studies. This is a great first step in providing students a foundation for a lifetime of learning. The Districts Career and Technical Education program could be further enhanced with more electives the rigor of which is such that these courses, in addition to providing workplace skills, satisfy the state university systems so-called A to G entrance requirements. The aggressive pursuit of funding sources is vital for the KHSDs Career and Technical Education programs to not just operate but flourish. This will be a major challenge for the Board and the District if the states financial crunch continues unabated. Recently, through the efforts of the administration and teachers, an 18 million dollar grant was awarded to the district for the purpose of expanding the number and quality of Career and Technical Education classes. As a Trustee, I would look for the Boards time and attention to further explore efforts to gain greater funding with which to increase the number, variety and rigor of Career and Technical Education classes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: