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JINGWAH times: Farewell policy market, to eradicate the soil property rumors – View – people.com.cn original title: Farewell to the policy of the city, to eradicate the soil property of malicious fabricated rumors rumors targeted is a stopgap measure, and the fundamental way is to withdraw from the market, policy. The future should focus on "intervention" or "go to administration". Recently, according to the network "September Shanghai (real estate) will implement the purchase of credit deal" rumors, the Shanghai Municipal Construction Committee of the emergency rumor, and investigation on the part of the intermediary enterprises, to suspend the relevant companies involved (or department stores), the net signed qualifications; Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of criminal detention 7 involved malicious fabricated rumors spread; Shanghai city network information office to close down 5 WeChat public number. In this regard, the Ministry of housing official said recently that this kind of rumors to mislead consumers, disrupt the market order, bad social impact. This could not. In order to enhance the personal property sales, real estate intermediary personnel deliberately fabricated and spread rumors on the Internet, leading to the Shanghai real estate market is not stable, and even spread to society — in August 29th, the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau door staged queuing divorces! For real estate intermediary practitioners, to pull into the blacklist, they banned for life; according to the law of business involved real estate agency reorganization, is a must. These years, not only in Shanghai, a number of real estate agents in order to blunt the performance of the property buyers to induce a quick shot, no need not its pole. Among these, spreading rumors, making policy of real estate regulation illusion become a dangerous move, and tested. Such as Tianjin, some intermediaries in the Spring Festival this year after the policy of "spreading rumors", said that in April 1st Tianjin will be the introduction of the new policy, in April 1st the so-called "New Deal" has not issued, some agencies began to spread the new deal will be introduced in May 1st. In terms of social integrity, public order and good morals, or the market standardization perspective, the main market operators to fabricate false information to mislead consumers and even induce, belong to deviant behavior, was responsible for study is to blame. What is worth pondering, compared with other rumors, why the "new home" rumors. So large, many people tend to believe? In addition to the use of a number of real estate agents have a certain credibility of the new media platform for communication, but also with the policy habits, public psychology. Over the years, governments at all levels are mostly used both hands to control the real estate market, the left hand is the economic means — business and fund loans down payment, interest rates, tax rates, the right hand is the administrative means — to purchase restrictions and other qualifications. Two hand toss about, the real estate market with pitch, making China’s property market is basically in the "policy market". In this reality, as property buyers, seize the policy is equal to seize the opportunity to believe that everyone is not as good as the letter policy. Different regions, different times, the performance of the real estate market is not the same, the policy is difficult to release the law. Before the introduction of the new deal, but also a variety of rumors everywhere, some regulators released "balloons", putting out feelers, wait until the new deal introduced really, do not believe it is likely to suffer a great deal. Therefore, a lot of people) wind sways grass.相关的主题文章: