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Primary and secondary school teachers in Jiangsu Province focused on the training of the provincial education this year, the beginning of the fall semester, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of education recommended the use of primary and secondary schools in the province of primary and secondary school mental health education materials. New textbooks on how? Modern Express reporter was informed that yesterday morning, nearly 600 teachers from the province’s primary and secondary schools in the first line of the convergence of the middle school in Jiangsu branch of the school, to participate in primary and secondary school mental health education teacher training. Nanjing Normal University Professor Benoit, Nanjing primary and middle school students’ Psychological Assistance Center (Tao teacher workstation) honorary director of experts and scholars on the Tao Chi identity, Jiangsu Science Version "psychological health education", the textbook contents and characteristics of the keynote lecture. First, we must establish awareness, and then talk about how to teach students Tao Chiheng said, mental health work should not only in the economic conditions of the superior areas, conditions are relatively good schools to carry out. A lot of school teachers believe that mental health education to wait until after the food and clothing problem is considered, in fact, otherwise." She said, a teacher, especially to recognize the psychological importance of the healthy growth of children, in carrying out the curriculum, first of all to pay attention to it from consciousness, and then expand the creative and inspiring work. Jinling middle school psychological teacher Miu Hanrui introduction, the school began more than and 10 years ago, for primary and secondary school students to carry out psychological lessons. "Every Monday, 45 minutes. Have students talk, mental sandbox, psychological games, attention to children’s mental health education through psychological activities." "There are now unified teaching materials, makes this course have become the norm of the past, to avoid arbitrariness." It is reported that this training course will last one and a half days. Psychological lessons to teach children how to do difficult according to the introduction, Jiangsu mental health education materials for a local primary school to the sixth grade seven to grade nine, junior high school, high school to the third grade of each school year book, to every two weeks to open at least 1 hours of mental health education curriculum. Psychological lesson, how to teach? Experts said that the psychological lesson is different from the ideological and moral lessons. Ideological and moral lessons have positive guidance, and mental health class, is to guide students to focus on their feelings and thoughts in the process of growing up." Experts pointed out that the growth of primary and secondary school students, learning difficulties encountered in life, confusion, is very normal. "These are the required courses in growing up, how to face the difficulties, to deal with the problem, is the psychological lesson should be taught to everyone." The scene, especially the example of pottery teacher weariness, some parents are very anxious. How to make children love to learn? She said that the psychological lesson is not to speak the truth, so that children must love to learn. But to tell the children, learning is really bad. In the exam oriented education, learning is bitter and bitter. She said, "psychological teachers to tell their children, learning is necessary, the difficulties are objective. How do we deal with, how to overcome difficulties, how to do to face the challenge and pressure?" She said, let the children face the inner anxiety and pain, as well as other negative emotions. And then gradually help children build the courage to face the unknown. "We do not deny the child’s negative emotions, but to recognize that the psychological lesson is the child’s growth相关的主题文章: