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Jay Chou can 1 more? After the Sohu science and technology to grab the headlines after Wang Feng, the public to raise the headset also entered the Jay Chou? In fact, as early as 2014, Jay Chou launched its own headphone brand TiinLab ear number one. But today, that is, in September 29th, TiinLab ear one announced into the 1MORE million magic headphones, Jay Chou joined as a shareholder, and served as creative officer. In addition, TiinLab also merged with the 1MORE Acoustics Laboratory, named "listening laboratory". 1MORE and TiinLab are the focus of magic million acoustics technology development team, in the loudspeaker unit design, magnetic field analysis, vibration analysis, acoustic analysis and moving iron unit design are at the forefront of current, independent research and development of Technology: digital active noise control technology, microphone array technology, multi unit circle iron technology and intelligent protection and listening the compensation technology development, head of the acoustical transfer function fast modeling and 3D recording and playback system development etc.. In addition to the announcement of the conference announced the addition of Jay Chou, but also released three new products: 1MORE three unit headset, 1MORE magic listening player, 1MORE dual unit earplug headphones. From the old Ji introduced in front of these circumstances, it should be 1MORE million acquisition of a small public company. It seems that artists do their own company is not so easy, just a supply chain can make people die. It is also a "celebrity" Luo Yonghao, in recent years is also the supply chain about half alive. Whether it is Wang Feng or Jay Chou, it seems that it is not a good solution to this problem, and now, Jay Chou chose to join the alliance with other brands to expand their own headphones cause. Speaking of 1MORE may be a lot of friends do not know a lot of friends, and to say a lot of people will be impressed millet headphones. In fact, 1MORE million magic has also been the production side of millet headphones and millet ecological chain enterprise, set up less than 3 years of nearly 30 million shipments of headphones, which a large part of the sales are actually millet headphones. 1MORE magic million founder and chairman Xie Guanhong original Foxconn network products business group general manager, has designed and produced iPod player, iPod Hi-Fi speaker, Kindle e-books, Lenovo tablet and mobile phone and other electronic products, but also because of his matchmaking, to make a strategic cooperation with apple, Mugaoyuding only Foxconn boss Terry Gou met Lei and, millet become another big customer. In 2013 Xie Guanhong out of business when found Lei, advised him to do Lei cost-effective headset, he made 99 yuan millet headset, all of a sudden become explosive. (1MORE founder and chairman 1MORE Xie Guanhong will listen to the magic player presented to Jay Chou Xie Guanhong) from the background can be seen, the supply chain management is his masterpiece, and 1MORE million in the development of magic headset is also very willing to invest, also set up a special acoustics laboratory. However, with many millet ecological chain enterprises, 1MORE million.相关的主题文章: