Jackie Chan was awarded the first prize for his lifetime achievement award for the Chinese people – sweets parade

Jackie Chan won the Oscar prize for Lifetime Achievement Award by the Department of the first Chinese – Beijing, Beijing, September 2, according to Taiwan "China times news, AMPAS announced today that Hongkong action star Jackie Chan is the new Oscar award winner, is the Chinese first won this award winning prizes will be issued in November 12th. Oscar award is mainly for lifetime achievement and outstanding contribution to the film of the film, the Academy Council also award candidates in the last 30 days of voting, the Academy President Cheryl Boone said, like actor Jackie Chan, Anne V. Coates, a film clip casting director Lynn Stalmaster and documentary master fand Rick Wiseman, are the pioneers with the legendary in their respective areas of expertise, so as won the award winner. The 62 year old Jackie Chan, because as an actor, screenwriter, director and producer, launched more than 30 martial arts films in his hometown of Hongkong, and successfully reached the Hollywood, and launched the "red zone", "the ransom king", "rush hour" series of films, has made brilliant achievements.相关的主题文章: