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Customer Service Security is great concern for all the people of the world. Security is needed everywhere at home, offices and at even big industries. Industrial security is great concern for all developing countries. Increase of industries will give more employment opportunities and more will be the growth of the countrys economy. But with rise of terrorism security for industries is must. Employee can work only in such .panies were there is proper security services. For better growth of the economy and profit it is the duty of the .pany to ensure proper security to its employee. Employer then only can put his soul and mind together for increasing the productivity. It is only possible where there is healthy environment. Multi dimensional threats to the national security, corporate world and industrial organizations have increased many folds from international terrorism, .munalism, gears, strikes, sabotage, espionage, subversion, pilferages, thefts, cyber & white collar crimes, bomb threats, natural and manmade disasters etc. It leads into loss prevention and crisis management. Industrial security includes asset protection, Crime Control, intelligence, Safety and Disaster Management thus preventing all types of losses and adding to productivity, contrary to earlier notion that all expenditure on security was no return on investment. Steps for security management in .anization such as thorough threat assessment to eliminate strikes, mob violence and bomb threats, formulation of security plan and .anizational security policy, proper selection of security agency, judicious integration of men and machines for cost effective security, preparations of standing orders, Standard Operating Procedures(SOPs) and guidelines, training and motivation of security personnel, preparation of disaster management plan, sensitization of personnel at various levels and periodic security audit for .anization. Industrial security should always be planned at the conceptual or design stage of the plant or industry and much importance to production or profit by the management. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems EAS systems are designed to help retailers increase their sales. For security at industries one need proper guidelines and the entire senior should work out the plan first. It should also have fire extinguisher, CCTV cameras for noticing people the card should check all the visitors and proper entry should be made. All the employee should be given identity cards and should enrolled properly with the address. The team leaders should always be alert and should keep close watch on the employee. All this can help to ensure proper security to industries. For maintaining their profit increasing day by day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: