In May the last time Grandpa Yu Xu don’t talk about sensible, hardship, filial piety in Beijing jkforum

In May the last time Grandpa Yu Xu: don’t talk about hardship, sensible, filial – Beijing Sichuan Chengdu news network November 13th news (reporter Alvarez photo coverage) again and again, rubbing his granddaughter’s photos, 73 year old Hu Mingkang to address the hand, when it comes to more than Asahi in the past, the old man could not live again a The old man wept bitterly. In November 12th, the first female pilots, Chinese f -10 Chengdu Chongzhou girl Yu Xu, due to flight training accidents killed. The bad news came, sadness enveloped the ordinary family, Yu Xu’s grandmother even because of excessive grief and lie down in bed. Filled with sorrow in the streets she left the world’s most beautiful smile at noon on November 13th, the Sichuan news network reporter came to the town of Chongyang Chengdu Chongzhou local Xiang Rong Jie – Yu Xu was born -. From Chongqing Road turn into Xiangrong street, rows of low houses into the old wooden house view, narrow streets on both sides, sturdy Phoenix already withered leaves. Although the autumn sun dispelled the sky a little haze, but the sad still shrouded streets. Yu Xu Grandpa tile house door, relatives and friends gathered here early in the morning, people might affect the house by twos and threes whisper, the rest, and eagerly waiting for the parents of Yu Xu returned the latest news from Tianjin. How Grandpa the Chinese parasol tree, here is where Yu Xu was born, before graduating from high school to join the army, Yu Xu had a happy childhood and youth time here. Yu Xu Grandpa Hu Mingkang sitting in a wooden chair, if there is no active conversation, he is very silent, but the eyes is red, when it comes to his granddaughter, he could not help choking. "Too young to walk too young……" Hu Mingkang shook his head, he couldn’t believe that he with a great granddaughter, go so suddenly. Photos of Xu Xu logo smile, become the most memorable memories of the elderly. On hearing the bad news, Grandpa quaking cannot stand until late last night, Hu Mingkang didn’t know her granddaughter, the news of the accident, "a home early morning to know." Hu Mingkang said, because in the bee, recently he has been in Longquan, last night, the apprentice to him on the phone: "master, you must go home, an emergency!" For the sake of safety, the disciple didn’t tell Hu Mingkang what had happened, but he had a vague feeling of foreboding. After cleaning up things, Hu Mingkang alone riding a motorcycle from Longquan to Chongzhou to catch up with the home, more than ten o’clock that night, the next day before 1:00 am home. Old memories, just got home that unfortunate news, my granddaughter died on hearing this, the old man suddenly quaking to stand in the family and friends helped to sit down. From last night to this afternoon, Hu Mingkang grain rice did not enter, more than 3 in the afternoon, relatives and friends cut an apple, he barely bite the mouth of the mouth of the two. The last time the old man met Yu Xu, is in this year, that is because Yu Xu home to visit relatives, but because of the time is tight, just to see the grandfather and grandmother went away, did not have time to stay on the night of the same time, in May. Hu Mingkang said, he would occasionally see granddaughter air show on TV, every time I see the picture of the aircraft more than Asahi soar, he feels worried and proud.相关的主题文章: