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In the Chinese fire could not host the games should probably give up the core game player game host China market is the most charming place of the "toxic" local characteristics, the characteristics of so many international giants of the business model in China, which makes China The climate does not suit one., grow a lot of one unicorn. Many industries have matured in foreign countries for many years, but in China it is difficult to stand. For example, DVD rental, and host games. The host of the game: the entertainment industry with a habit and mature film with PC play to the end of the tour China different markets around the world, even in the crazy impact mobile game, the game host still maintained the highest share of around 32%, before 2012, this number can reach 40%. (Figure Newzoo released 2016 Global Game Market Research Report, the red represents the console game market accounted for more than one reason, two) at the end of 70s of last century golden age arcade and the beginning of 90s the United States emerged laid the definitions of a game: button + handle. After the development of the PS series and Xbox series, including GBA PSP, this kind of portable equipment is nothing more than the arcade gameplay transplanted to individual families and portable devices. Two of the reasons, it is the game console manufacturers of ecological construction. Yes, today is the Chinese Internet talked about ecology. Game console manufacturers to launch the product is hardware, and they attract the player’s trump card is an exclusive game on its platform. So in addition to research and development, SONY and Microsoft two major manufacturers to nurturing game manufacturers, studio. For example, launched the "mysterious sea" series of naughty dog studio, and launched the "alloy equipment" series of KOAMI, have specialized services in a host of manufacturers. With a fixed cycle of long performance parameters and lower piracy rates, console games for game developers have a more friendly development environment. Monopoly game has become the most powerful weapon manufacturers and friends, and PC side and mobile terminal competition. (pictured as a $60 price of the host game) and the host game after decades of development, has formed a fairly sound flow of industrial processes. We are buying a console game, a part of the amount paid to the platform (to continue nurturing game manufacturer) and some amounts to the game makers, as well as a small part in the sale of game licensing fee payment platform. Compared with wool out in pigs, "Chinese Internet Ecology, host game this wool sheep in ecological seems to be more reasonable? Console game in China to describe a host game in China: what is good, is bad luck. To say that the Chinese host game market started late, it seems not too right. In 80s and 90s of last century, Jadali and other international hot models have been sold in Chinese, only expensive, the average family can not afford. When the copycat FC after this very original game host with "contra" and "super Marie" into the memory of a generation. In China, "the game" two word seems to be with the sin (Cassidy even used machine learning to hide their identity). In twenty-first Century, a fifteen year ban to host the game?相关的主题文章: