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Sood | how to "do not want to write children" an antidote against the disease? Small and small gifted children of the Sohu, said: small excellent from small to large is a good student, ah, homework is done carefully never copied. But there are also some time really do not want to go home after school to open the bag to do homework, then the voice is: if you do not leave homework today!" But when I grew up I know, teacher homework is to let us play, is very important! So now their children do not want homework time, worry will be "scratching"! Today, the small gifted with Dr. Su to learn a few strokes, go back to their children to do a good job, and then play a happy! To help children overcome procrastination, the most important thing is to understand the child’s true thoughts. Why children procrastination usually have the following: 1> children living in the family’s voice, but no matter what things until the end, there is always someone to help him solve. 2> for example, parents often say to their children "hurry up" "how can you be so slow ah" virtually gave the children form a negative psychological hint, children will become more and more linger. 3> parents blame, family ridicule, learning pressure and even frustration and lack of self-confidence, will make the child feel very anxious. The more I feel bad, the more anxious, the more anxious, worried, the more likely to take a long way to escape. 4> children’s sense of time is weak, time management ability is poor, lack of sense of urgency, lack of planning. 5> some parents give their children the layout of the extra work, to the child caused a lot of pressure, so that the child had a psychological escape. "Anyway, finish a job or there will be homework, why not later finished do not do" mentality is the child dawdle. In order to find the cause of children dragging an antidote against the disease: 1> strengthen the child’s sense of time can be some training on children by limit method. In daily life, many things can set up the time limit for the children, let the children for three minutes to complete a certain number of calculation problems, parents can watch time, praise the child child timely completion, such as "completed within the stipulated time, progress too fast". Other things can also be decomposed to the child, give the child time to let him to finish. 2> change the child unreasonable ideas if we criticize the child slowly, in the course of time the child mind also identified themselves, then efforts may not soon. Change is to change the concept from the start, the psychological theory of the well-known emotions ABC that affect our emotions and behavior is not an event, but our interpretation and understanding of the event. If the child finds himself failed, would help the child to gradually change the unreasonable idea: for example, I don’t finish my homework, because didn’t listen carefully in class, you will not cause, and is also home to long time watching TV, playing games, not stupid. If you can get rid of these two bad!相关的主题文章: