How To Build A Low Cost

Computers-and-Technology Are you wondering how to build a low cost computer? A little thought and a prudent decision can give birth to a fast yet a considerably inexpensive computer. The costs ofcourse can vary a bit but I am going to discuss the specifications only, not going into too much of commerce. You can decide from where to buy the individual parts. Even for the affluent man, the freedom to choose and build your own computer is worthwhile than being oblivious to the opportunity. You can get in touch with a computer services company in this regard. What exactly eats up the money while building a computer? It is the motherboard, CPU and ofcourse the operating system that you have to buy from Microsoft and quite evidently, buying a copied CD is not the best option. With an inexpensive computer you might not be able to play high end games but it will be able to do to day to day work like composing and writing emails and other office related work. All that said, let me divulge what I really want to say. Lets discuss about the technial details about the low cost computer. Go for a Foxconn A6GMV motherboard, an AMD option which will not frustrate you on scalability and you can upgrade it when you will feel your pocket is heavy with money !! It comes along with supported DDR3 1333 RAM bays. The socket for the CPU is AM3. It is more than enough for simple games which will not totally deprive you of entertainment. But remember, this computer is really for meeting your needs and not so much for your entertainment. The CPU is not really less powerful that you can take pity on it. It would be a AMD Athlon II X 2 245, 2.9 GHz dual core processor which will more than suffice your needs. A 1GB CT12864BA1339 RAM would be enough to run most of the applications and it would be enough if we use Linux as the Operating System. A 160 GB Seagate Barracuda 7200 could sound old but trust me, it is still a good option as a storage device and will be just enough without wasting any storage space. Go for a 350 Watt Power Supply with a Rosewill R424BK case. The compact motherboard will fit into it and with the latest power saving LCD displays, a 350 Watt power supply should not be a problem. The operating system as I already said will be a Ubuntu Linux. A $200 computer with the above specifications pass out well on performance issues like time to boot up and file copy etc. It will definitely be faster than a Windows PC because we have done away with a lot of frills due to a heavy OS managing a huge RAM. For any kind of technical support contact a technician and he will help you out in this regard. There are many online computer help provider that will offer you all sorts of help to build a low cost computer. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: