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UnCategorized Facebook is a great website which offers it members to make new friends, keep contact with friends, build groups and communities and discuss topics. Millions of people have created their profiles on this website and visit it regularly to keep in contact with friends and family. Social networking websites reach lots of people, providing huge advertising base and earns money for the publishers. These websites also earn huge money for publishers. A German social networking website which is an obvious facebook clone was sold for 180 million dollars.The popularity of social networking shot the facebook website from a start up student community website to second most popular website in the world. Even though there are many social networking sites, many people want to create their own fan community site or a college community site etc. Face book beats other websites with cool design and great features. People who want to start a social networking site wants their websites be a facebook clone.If you want to fully own your website you need to buy a domain, web hosting and a script to run your own facebook clone website. It is recommended to do some research before deciding to use the script. You need to find a niche topic around which you need to build your social networking site. There are many general networking websites out there, so focus on building the website on a new concept. After deciding upon the concept, write out the features that you want in your website. There is a saying in software industry which says that Never write software which is available for sale. Search the available scripts for the features you need. Always try the demo, before buying. Contact the website owners using the script to know their feedback about the script. You can also look for the reviews by the script users. You need to buy script with source code available to have unique features on your website.All the features required for your website may not be found in a single script. You may need to hire a freelancer to develop additional features. If possible, buy the script from company which provide regular updates and good support.Installing the facebook clone script is a crucial step in setting up your website. If you don’t know how to install the script, hire the developer company or a freelancer to do the installation.After buying the script you need to find a good web host with proven track record. Facebook clone websites require a lot of bandwidth, since users upload many pictures and videos. Choose the hosting plan in a way that allows you to increase the server space and bandwidth, according to your website growth. After your website became popular move it to a dedicated server. A website is nothing but a database, if the database is lost, nothing displayed on your website. So make regular backup of your database. It also helps when your website is hacked or if you are moving to a new host. Now start building your community by inviting friends and family to join your site. You can also request them to recommend your website to others. Developing an online community in a niche is not an easy task. Don’t lose hope early and work hard for building your facebook clone community. Keep a budget aside for advertising your website. You can also publish ads on your local news paper. Some niche markets have their own magazines or online groups. Join these communities and contribute and build a reputation. Then you can let them know about your community. Identify people, who are active in other forums and groups. Invite them to join your community. You need to set a good example to other community members as the founder of your own community. Start meaningful discussions on forums, post useful and relevant information. Once you start seeding your own community, it will pick up momentum gradually. Within six months your facebook clone website will be reasonably popular. Then you need to monitor the community to prevent abuse and spam. Have terms of services clearly spelt on your facebook clone websites, and warn users against abusing the TOS. In some cases you may need to delete members who try to spam your website. Find out the similar websites in your niche. Contact their website owners and place the proposal or mutual back links .Back links for your websites increases search engine rankings and attract more people to your facebook clone community. Set achievable targets and be patient. Have a long term plan for your website. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: